Malam Jabba Swat

Malam Jabba Ski Resort Swat:

The Malam Jabba Ski Resort is almost 44 km from Mingora, which is the most exchanging city of Swat. Above all, A visit to Swat is deficient without going to this slope ski resort of Malam Jabba. In addition, Within the past this resort had a 4-star lodging, chairlifts and a mini-golf course. Shockingly, these offices were devastated by miscreants in 2008-9. Moreover, The lodging is still within the prepare of being revamped but the characteristic magnificence encompassing the offices still draw in thousands of guests in summer as well as in winter where the chair lift is completely operational. Especially, In winter numerous local people appear off their skiing abilities and are energetic to instruct those who wish to memorize. There are many tourists points, attractions in Malam Jabba and many places to visit.

Sawat Malam Jabba Height and Altitude:

The Malam Jabba Ski Resort, owned by the PTDC. The length of ski slope is about 800m with the highest point of the slope 2804 m (9000 feet) above sea level. So the elevation of the Malam Jabba is round about 9000 ft from sea level.

Malam Jabba Map and Location:

Sawat Malam Jabba is located among the highest mountains.

Malam Jabba Road Condition:

Road condition from Mingora or from Bahrain is totally carpeted. Any type of vehicles can go through the Malam Jabba Ski Resort easily.

Malam Jabba Jeep Charges in Winter:

When there is Malam Jabba snowfall, the roads are slippery due to hard ice. Different Jeeps have different charges according to sitting capacity. For 4 to 5 persons, Fielder car is best for hiring. The Jeep rates from Mingora or fizaghat to Malam Jabba is about 4000 to 5000 round trip.

Malam Jabba Chair Lift Ticket Price and Length:

The length of the Malam Jabba Chair Lift is 1.5 km. The Ticket Price of Malam Jabba Chair Lift is Rs.800 per head. Malam Jabba Ski Resort Swat Entry Fee is Rs.300 only. Following are the pics of Malam Jabba chairlift.

Malam Jabba Zipline Ticket Price and Length:

A huge number of tourists headed towards Swat to experience the Pakistan highest zipline. The height of zip line Malam Jabba is about 9,200 feet above the sea level. The newly installed zip line ride is about 1,000 feet elevated. The length of Malam Jabba Zipline is about 2,000 feet long. Its speed can reach to 80 kilometers per hour from one side to another. Malam Jabba Zipline Price: Rs.5000 per head.

Malam Jabba Skiing Charges / Prices:

Now the Malam Jabba is the best place for skiing and adventure lovers. International and National Skiing event also held every year at Malam Jabba in winter. You can take ski equipment from Malam Jabba. Local people and children also available for your help in doing ski. The skiing Charges and price at Malam Jabba Ski Resort is Rs.2000 per head or per equipment. Malam Jabba pictures are following:

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Things to Do at Malam Jabba:

Best time to visit Malam Jabba is winter season. November to February are the best months to enjoy the scenery of Malam Jabba. In summer season Malam Jabba attracts many tourists. Now the Malam Jabba ranked one on the best destination and facilities. You can enjoy many snow and ice sports such as Ski (Only Winter), Jeep Safari, Zip Line Activity, Chair Lift etc… Check the climate and season before visit this place.

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