Neelum Valley Azad Kashmir

Neelum Valley is honestly heaven on earth. 144 kilometres long bow-like valley on the North and North-Eastern side of Muzaffarabad. District Neelum is 43 kilometres away from Muzaffarabad and lies parallel to the LOC. Moreover, Neelum Valley Height is about 4,000 meters (13,123 feet) above sea level. Above all, the valley covers astonishing scenery, thick forests, conspicuous lakes, clear water streams. We provide a complete Azad Kashmir Travel Guide.

Distances among different region of Neelum Valley Azad Kashmir

  • Islamabad to Arang Kel Distance 304 km and time to cover is about 14 to 15 hours with short stays on the way
  • Islamabad to Sharda Distance 282 km 
  • Islamabad to Keran Distance 241 km and With short stops along the way, the total travel time is about 9 to 10 hours
  • Muzaffarabad to Sharda Distance via Keran is about  156 km Coverage takes about 8 to 9 hours, with Short stays along the way
  • Muzaffarabad to Keran Distance is about 115 km
  • Muzaffarabad to Kel Distance is about 175 km and Muzaffarabad to Arang Kel Distance is approximately 178 km
  • Muzaffarabad to Taobat Distance 216 Km
  • Muzaffarabad to Kutton Distance 4 hour 6 min (97.0 km) via Neelum Road
  • Muzaffarabad to Neelum Valley Distance 103 km
  • Muzaffarabad to Dowarian Distance 128 km
  • Muzaffarabad to Upper Neelum Valley Distance 105.5 km
  • Neelum Valley to Dowarian Distance 25 km
  • Neelum Valley to Sharda Distance 54 km
  • Neelum Valley to Kel Distance 72 km
  • Neelum Valley to Arang Kel Distance 75 km
  • Kutton to Keran Distance 27 km
  • Kutton to Dowarian Distance 40 km
  • Kutton to Sharda Distance 70 km
  • Kutton to Kel & Arang Kel Distance 88 km & 90 km respectively
  • Athmuqam to Keran Distance 12 km
  • Athmuqam to Sharda Distance 53 km
  • Keran to Dowarian Distance 13 km
  • Keran to Sharda Distance 41 km
  • Keran to Kel Distance 60 km
  • Keran to Taobat Distance 101 km
  • Dowarian to Sharda Distance 28 km
  • Dowarian to Ratti Gali Distance 24 km
  • Dowarian to Kel Distance 47 km
  • Sharda to Kel distance 19 km
  • Sharda to Arang Kel Distance 21 km
  • Sharda to Taobat Distance 60 km
  • Kel to Arang Kel Distance 2 km on foot
  • Arang Kel to Taobat Distance 40 km

Neelum Valley Road Condition 2021-2022:

Muzaffarabad to Keran or Sharda Kel road condition is carpeted and metal. Moreover, Sharda to Kel Arang Kel Taobat Road Condition is a Jeep track. The road is worn out due to waterfalls and no maintenance. In recent years the road was under construction at some points. So, Muzaffarabad to Neelum Valley distance and road condition.

Neelum Valley Honeymoon

Best time to Visit Neelum Valley:

Neelum Valley has its charm all of the year. In summer, the greenery will soothe your soul with calm. Network: Only SCOM is only the Network for communication. It would be issued on your CNIC in Muzaffarabad or any main town in the Neelum valley regions.

Best Tourists Spots in Azad Kashmir

Kel Valley

Kel is a village in Pakistan’s Azad Kashmir region near Neelum Valley. Moreover, Located at an altitude of 2,097 meters (6,879 feet), it is 155 kilometres (96 mi) from Muzaffarabad (the capital of Azad Kashmir). In addition, this place used to be known as Kel as it was the birthplace of Markhor in Pakistan. So, which is now known as a Kill Bakhra in local slang (a goat-like animal that kills).


How to Reach Kel:

Muzaffarabad and Kel are connected by buses every day when the weather is good. In addition, from Karen, Sharda, and Kel, mostly tourists use jeeps for transportation. It takes 23 kilometres to get to Kel from Sharda. AJK Tourism and Archeology Department has a hotel and a rest house to stay in. In addition to the bank, hospital, and bazaar.
Additionally, a non-metallic road leads to the Kel, near the Line of Control. Moreover, this road is frequently affected by landslides in the summer and the winter by snow slides. On the other hand, winters are very difficult because all routes are blocked. Consequently, it is among the most difficult places to reach when taken together. Similarly, when travelling between Sharda and Kel, you will discover glaciers.

Arang Kel Neelum Valley Azad Kashmir

Located 2kms outside the town of Kel, Arang Kel is a heavenly village. Moreover, the Arang Kel height is 8379 feet above sea level. An adventurous journey is necessary to reach Arang Kel. I am not kidding. There is only room for six people in this handmade metal cuboid, which takes you from end to end of the valley hanging above 200 feet above the ground. Moreover, you save one hour of hiking in the shady chair lift. Finally, If you don’t feel safe crossing the river in this shady thing, you have to cross the river and hike for an extra hour to reach the top.

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Arang Kel in Winter:

Arang Kel Trek / Track:

The hike begins after you cross the river. In terms of hiking itself, the distance is around 900-1000m. The worst thing that can happen is that if it starts to rain, as it did in our case, then it will be one of the craziest hikes you have ever done. During rainy weather, the path becomes extremely slippery. Many local people will rent you hiking sticks if you need them. However, I strongly suggest that you grab one right away.

Hotels in Azad Kashmir

Additionally, a gorgeous view will greet you after an hour. The scene is filled with lush green fields and mountains in the distance. Small wooden huts dot the landscape without electricity poles or televisions in the fields. Peace seems to fill the air. Arang Kel Neelum Valley is a small, lush green village. I am similarly known as Hill Station and a popular tourist spot in the Neelum valley, Azad Kashmir. It is merely 2 kilometres (1.2 miles) away from Kel, with an elevation is almost 8,379 feet (2,554 metres) above sea level. After that, the distance of Kel from Muzaffarabad is about 155 km.

Taobat – Neelum Valley Azad Kashmir


Similarly, Taobat is the last outstanding place in the Neelum valley, which is 200 km from Muzaffarabad. Most probably, 39 km away from Kel. Taobat is on the verge of LOC, besides some other smaller villages. So, It is where Kishan Ganga turns into river Neelum on entering Pakistani soil. Accommodation facilities are available through some public/private hotels. Hence, The jeep’s fare or charges from Sharda to Kel to Taobat and back to Sharda are between Rs.11000 to Rs.12000. So, It takes 3 to 3.5 hours from Sharda to Kel to Taobat on the way.

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So, There are mountains and countless pine trees around the town of Dowarian. Its height is almost 1,615 meters (5,299 feet) above sea level. Similarly, It is 58 km away from Nouseri and 13 km (8 miles) ahead of Neelum village. So, Ratti Galli Pass, which correlates the Neelum valley and Kaghan valley, is about 30 km upward, in the West of Dowarian. So, It is accessible through a narrow mule trek. Moreover, Living facility for the tourists is also available there.

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Hence, Sharda is 136 kilometres (85 miles) away from Muzaffarabad. By distance, it is 30 km away from Dowarian. Sharda is a poised, scenic and panoramic tourist spot. Moreover, The traces of Sharda University Kashmir and ancient Buddha/Hindu monuments are worth- visiting spots in Sharda.

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Kieran is an attractive tourist spot in Neelum valley which is 46 km away from Nouseri and 10 km away from Athmuqam. Moreover, Muzaffarabad is just 95 km away from it. Similarly, the height is about 1,524 metres (5,000 feet) above sea level. So it lies along the bank of the river Neelum Kashmir. Moreover, many Government/private hotels and rest houses provide accommodation facilities for tourists. Moreover, Jagran Valley Azad Kashmir is also one of the best valleys in Neelum Valley.

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