Beautiful Lakes in Azad Kashmir

Beautiful Lakes in Azad Kashmir Pakistan

Allah blessed the Pakistan with lots of Nature Beauty. You can witness many Beautiful Lakes in Azad Kashmir Neelum Valley to feel the nature closer.

  • Chitta Katha Lake (13500 feet)
  • Ratti Gali Lake (12130 feet)
  • Spoon Lakes AJK (13400 feet)
  • Shounter Lake (13300 feet)
  • Banjosa Lake (6500 feet)
  • Saral Lakes (13600)
  • Hans Raj Lake (12884 feet)
  • Zalzal Lakes (5000 feet)
  • Dharamsar Lake (13450 feet)
  • Kalasar Lake (12960 feet)

Chitta Katha Lake Kashmir

The most beautiful and fantastic natural lake of Azad Kashmir surrounded by wild snowcapped mountains.

chitta katha lake

Ratti Gali Lake Azad Kashmir

This lake is also known as the princess lake of Azad Kashmir. Must visit Lakes in Azad Kashmir with your family and friends.

Ratti Gali Lake

Banjosa Lake

Poonch, an Azad Kashmir district, is the home of Banjosa Lake, Banjosa. Besides being a beautiful example of an artificial lake, the resort is also known as a popular tourist destination. There are 12 miles between Rawalakot and the lake. Located at an altitude of 1981 meters. There is a dense forest surrounding this man-made lake, which enhances its beauty.

banjosa lake

Saral Lake

Saral Lake lies at an elevation of 4,100 meters above sea level in Pakistan’s Azad Kashmir Valley. Located about a 70 km drive from Sharda, the lake is accessible by jeep via Gumot National Park and through a hiking trek from there. A second approach is by driving to Naran from Sharda. Walking along the Naran side will also allow one to see the most beautiful lake in the world, the Dudipatsar Lake. Dudipatsar side of the Saral Lake requires crossing the Saral Pass. There is an excellent view of Salal Lake from Noori Top, which connects Pakistan-governed Azad Kashmir to Khanzada province in Pakistan. There is nothing more valuable in nature than a lake.

Lakes in Kashmir
Saral Lake

Hansraj Lake

Ratasar lake المعروف Hansraj lake
Hight (3817m)(12522f.t)
Neelum Valley A J K

Hansraj Lake Kashmir

Shounter Spoon Lake

Shounter Spoon Lake is a scenic lake located in Shounter Valley, a sub valley of Neelam Valley, Azad Kashmir, Pakistan, at the elevation of 3,100 meters (10,200 ft).The lake is fed by the surrounding mountains glacial waters. The lake is encircled by snow coated mountains, green grass vegetation and specimens of Iris hookeriana are dispersed around the lake. The lake is accessible from Kel town of Neelum Valley, by a jeepable track. Small but very uniquely shaped lake in middle of snowy gigantic mountains.

Lakes in Azad Kashmir
Spoon Shounter Lake

Zalzal Lake

Zalzal Lake located at Chikaar Valley sector Bagh, Azad Kashmir. This lake was made due to Earthquake back in 2005. This Lake is almost 3.5 Kilometer long and 350 Feet deep. During earthquake a mountain slides into the valley which block the way of river and five village were buried under the mountain, which cause 575 people deaths.
zalzal lake chikar azad kashmir

Dharamsar Lake Gittidas

To reach here you need a 4×4 and a local guide. A jeep track starts from Babu Sar Top and goes to Ganai Gali via Gittidas. After 50 min to 1 hour jeep ride you reach at Sambaksar lake. From there it takes an hour of hiking to reach Dharamsar lake. Actually its quite easy. Take jeep from Basel directly up to Dharamsar lake in Giltidas. The picture in the main post is Dharamsar lake. But the pic panorama which I shared in previous msg (by mistake) is of Sambaksar lake. From Dharamsar lake there it is 30 to 45 minutes trek. Max 1 hour. Preferably take some local with you as it is Kohistani area. We gave lift on our jeep to a Kohistani baba ji on the way.

Azad Kashmir Lakes
Dharamsar Lake

Kalasar Lake

Kalasar is a small but one of the most beautiful lakes in Neelum valley. There are 2 more small lakes of the Kalasar series in the vicinity. At an elevation of 4130m (GPS), Kala Sar can be reached in 90 mins by trekking from Hansraj lake following a narrow trail towards north. One of the best Lakes in Azad Kashmir.
Kalasar Lake

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