Top 10 Famous Tourist Places to Visit in Skardu

Top 10 Places to Visit in Skardu | Things to Do:

There are many scenic places to visit in Skardu Valley. Skardu beautiful places are waiting for you to enjoy the natural scenery. Moreover, Skardu places to visit are Khaplu, Shigar Valley, Manthoka Waterfall, Khurpacho Fort, Shangrilla and Upper Kachura Lake, Deosai Plain best destinations to visit. So, Top 10 – 15 Skardu Famous Places to visit are as following:

  1. Visit Khaplu Fort
  2. Shigar Valley Tourist
  3. Visit Manthoka Waterfall
  4. Khurpacho Fort Visiting
  5. Shangrilla Tourist Place
  6. Upper Kachura Lake
  7. Satpara Lake Sightseeing
  8. Deosai Plain
  9. Katpana Cold Desert
  10. Shigar Palace
  11. Khaplu Palace
  12. Khamosh Waterfall
  13. Masrur Rock
  14. Sheosar Lake
  15. Many More…

1. Shigar Valley Skardu

This valley is 52 km away from Skardu, and it takes 3 to 4 hours to reach there. Shigar Valley is one of the most beautiful valleys in Skardu. So, this valley is 23km away from Skardu. 40 to 50 mins drive from Skardu. All kinds of vehicles can go through. Additionally, a mighty River of this Valley watered the whole region and is the gateway to the mighty mountain of Karakorum.

Shigar Fort Fort is also located here, which was once the residence of the native ruler. A Kashmiri carpenter built a wooden mosque in the middle of the valley. You can also visit the Zharba, or Blind lake is, a Panoramic Lake near Shigar Valley, Baltistan region. Moreover, Shigar Fort is a one-of-a-kind heritage boutique hotel situated within a peaceful natural setting. We have wide range of Skardu Tour Packages from all over the Pakistan. Seek refuge and find adventure in a 400-year-old fort and the 17th century Palace of the Raja of Shigar, which, along with the more recently added “Old House” and “Garden House,” encompass 20 rooms and suites steeped in Balti culture.

2. Khaplu Fort Skardu

Khaplu Valley is one of the ancient valleys of Baltistan situated along the Shyok River. The best honeymoon destination in whole Baltistan. A romantic view of the Karakoram Mountains, Majestic Peaks, Crystal clear streams make it more attractive. You can also visit the Khaplu Fort, known as Yabgo Khar. In addition, Balti’s delicious food is another reason to visit this valley. Summer, Spring, and colorful Autumn Seasons are the best seasons to visit this valley. Syed Ali Hamdani constructed the Chaqchan mosque, also the main attraction. The fresh and crystal clear water of Ghanche makes this valley mesmerizing for tourists in Hunza Skardu Tour Packages.

Places to Visit in Khaplu

Hushe Valley, Khaplu Fort, Chaqchan Masjid, Ghanche  Streams, Masharburam Peaks. The best hotel in Khaplu Palace is Serena Hotels. You can book it online of Serena Hotels website. Serena Khaplu Fort, Karakoram Lodge, PTDC Khaplu, PWD Guest House

Skardu Places to Visit
Khaplu Palace in Skardu

3. Khurpacho fort Skardu

Khurpacho Fort is located at the top of mountain which you can see from Skardu main City.

4. Manthoka Waterfall Skardu Famous Places

Manthoka Waterfall is few kilometer away from Skardu. The most beautiful and huge waterfall of Pakistan.

Skardu Points
Manthoka Waterfall

5. Katpana Cold Desert Skardu Attraction

The Katpana Cold Desert is 12 km away from Skardu via Airport Road.

Skardu Main Attractions
Katpana Cold Desert

6. Deosai Plain (Skardu Places to Visit)

Deosai Plain is one of the highest plain of the world. 30 to 35 km away from Skardu and only reachable by jeeps.

Places to Visit in Skardu
Deosai Plain Skardu

7. Sheosar Lake (Best Skardu Places to Visit)

Sheosar Lake is also located in Deosai Plain. You can also Visit this lake via Astore Valley

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Skardu Beautiful Places Attractions
Sheosar Lake Skardu

8. Satpara Lake Skardu (Skardu Places to Visit)

Satpara Lake is located on the way to Deosai Plain, a few minutes away from Skardu.

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Skardu Tourist Places
Satpara Lake Skardu

9. Shangrila Resort Skardu (Top Places to Visit in Skardu)

Shangrilla is one of the beautiful lake of Pakistan and located when the Gilgit Skardu road end up and you cross the bridge. Also known as  Top Beautiful Places of Skardu.

Skardu Famous Places

10. Upper Kachura Lake (Must Places to Visit in Skardu)

Upper Kachura Lake is located on the upper region of Lower Kachura Lake. 25-30 minutes short trek required to witness this majestic lake. Check Climate of Skardu before visit.

Skardu Visiting Places

Best Things to do in Skardu:

  • Sightseeing of beautiful Valleys, lakes and waterfalls
  • Boat riding at Upper & Lower Kachura Lake
  • Hiking to Organic Village or Khorpocho Fort
  • Fishing at Soq Valley or Shyok River
  • Climbing to highest peaks of the world
  • Cold Desert Safari with your loved ones
  • Shopping at Skardu Local Market
  • Off Road Jeep ride to Deosai Plain
  • Photography at Shangrilla for your Social Media
  • Paramotor and hot air balloon ride at Sarfaranga Desert
  • Horse Riding in off beat destinations

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