Sharan Forest KPK Pakistan Trip:

Sharan Forest Valley is a wonderful and immaculate forest Manshi Top located in KPK, Pakistan. The forest is thick with substantial vegetation. It is, for the time being, for the most part non-business, subsequently clean with less inundation of travelers. The forest is contiguous to Manshi Top, a rich green level again. You can hope to discover rich vegetation, thickly overgrown developments, mushrooms, wild natural products on trees and water streams. Local people are well disposed of—a campground inside the woods with little cottages possessed by woodland and the travel industry offices.

Sharan Forest Tour Trip:

As far as the foods and accommodation are concerned as compare to Naran, the tourists will not find many hotels or restaurants in Sharan Forest. Camping Pods and Tent facilities will only be available there. Own food and necessary luggage would strongly be recommended. Nevertheless, the government of KP and local authorities are trying to make required living preparatory measures for tourists.

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How to reach Sharan Forest from Lahore Islamabad:

By Public Transport: Faisal Mover & Daewoo Bus Terminal are the best means to reach Naran Valley. However, many people prefer taking a car/bike ride from Lahore and Islamabad.

By Own Vehicle:

Lahore Ž M-2 (Motorway) Ž Islamabad Ž Hazara Motorway Ž Havelian Ž Abbotabad Ž Mansehra Ž Balakot Ž Kiwayi Ž Paras Ž Sharan Forest

Attractions: Manshi Top, Manor Valley, Upper Kaghan Valley

Things to Do:  Trekking, Fishing, Horse Riding

Hotels & Resorts:  Camping pods and Camping sites are available in the middle of woods.

Distance from Lahore:

Road Conditions: Till Paras road condition is quite better. Park your vehicle at Paras in Kaghan Valley due to jeep track. Take Jeeps for Sharan Forest then

Sharan Forest is an untouched beauty in the midst of KPK. It is located at 16km jeep trek from Paras (30km from Balakot). Sharan is known for its dense vegetation and cozy little campsite developed by the TCKP. It is not yet commercialized so the flux of tourists is minimal which leads to cleanliness and more sophistication.


Left Islamabad @ 3am
Reached Paras @ 8am
Breakfast break (1hr)
Left Paras @9 am (via jeep)
Reached Sharan Campsite @10:45am
Hike towards Manchi peak @11:30am
Reached Manchi top@1:30pm (Trek time: 2hrs)
Left Manchi top@2:50pm
Reached Sharan Campsite@3:45pm (Hike down time: 55min)

——–Accommodation facility——

Further, Accommodation facility needs special mention. I can’t appreciate KPK govt enough for the brilliant effort they have put in for establishing such a welcoming and homey place in the heart of thick forest. No doubt, Sharan is among the best places to visit in Naran Kaghan Valley
Furthermore, Camping pods and camps are available on rent. Washrooms are separate, in the form of portable container made up of insulated sheets. Another plus point is their standard, they were way cleaner than my expectation and also had an exhaust fan 😋. All the electricity is being generated by solar panels installed at each camping pod. Only 12V is available so you can not charge your phone or cameras over there. No straightener or dryer or roller also 😥😂.

Food Availability:

So, Food quality is also satisfactory. A camp works as a dedicated kitchen so if you have small kids with you, you can easily use that camp to cook some special eatery for them i.e. noodles, porridge or cereals. No point of carrying electric kettle as their is no 220V available to switch it on.
Moreover, A whole camp is devoted as a dinning room to serve the food. All the water of daily use is being extracted from a chashma flowing nearby. Solar geysers are not available yet. So, Missing Shogran facilities as well.

——My Experience—–

I had been waiting for this trip for very long. I was getting bored of the crazy job I have and this was the only thing i was looking forward to. At last the day came. I was off to a place which was going to be one of the most beautiful destinations I have visited.
In addition, After 5 hours of comfortable journey, we reached Paras where we had breakfast and then we were off to Sharan in a local jeep. The ride was damn beautiful accompanied by classic songs collection in high deafening volume.

Sharan Forest Beauty:

Similarly, My journey was nostalgic in the sense that it reminded me of all my past travel ventures. Taobat’s dusty patch to Fairy Meadows dangerous jeep trek; Mahodand’s ride through huge pine trees of Ushu forest to Saiful Malook’s bumpy drive. Gol National Park’s deadly expedition to rocky jaunt of Siri Paye. They were all coming back on this 16km short trip to Sharan. Gold, Red, Yellow, Orange and Green were the accompanying colors. I was happy yet sad. I was smiling yet teary but I was sure of one thing.

Camping Site in Sharan Forest:

On reaching Sharan camping site, I was excellently shocked by the management of the arena. The aura of the place was overwhelming enough to paste a smile on my face while I walked in. Resting inclined chairs were available to absorb the heat of sun in cool winters. No garbage, no plastic bottles, no wrappers were seen in the place. A number of dustbins were available to throw litter. I literally admire the administration for this step.

——Trekking Experience—–

We didn’t have much time so we left for Manchi peak after 45 mins with our water bottles and a bag of snacks. The hike is not difficult at all. Even beginners can do it easily. The passage was lined with huge chinar trees with golden yellow leaves. Chatting along and breathing fresh dust free air, we were headed to our destination on a much cleaner trek which was free of trash and no dung smell. I bet you won’t forget to smile on that journey.

After resting at few stops we finally reached the Manshi Peak after 2 hours of good hike. Ok now this was something to cherish for a long long time. It was full of lush green lavish grass, surrounded by gigantic snow capped mountains, cotton like clouds on top and chilly winds to take your heart away. Though manchi was full of goat shit and I hadn’t seen that amount of goat shit in my whole 26 years of life, I was able to put this aside and treasure the place I was standing on.

Manshi Top to Sharan Forest:

There was a village at the lower side of Manchi. The locals were kind enough to make us tea that we tended with biscuits from our snacks bag.

Manshi Top
After walking for a while and spending good amount of time at manchi; we said goodbye to the place with a smile and started hike back towards the campsite.

Trek to Manshi Top:

I was running; afraid of applying too much pressure on my knees to bother them with the hazard. It started drizzling on our way back which further motivated us to run hard. In 55 minutes, we were home 😂.

Manshi Top

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The day ended with a pleasant bonfire and meeting with an ideal adventurous family there. That chit chat gave me just the right amount of motivation at the perfect time when I needed it the most. I was sure that this journey won’t ever stop and I would keep on planning my ventures.

Manshi Top
In the end I would say, If you have a beautiful bunch of people in your family and friends, do pay a visit to this place with them as soon as possible before it turns into a trash pile. Last but not the least. Don’t consider your kids as a liability. You can enjoy along with the babies. Rather transfer your passion of travelling in them by taking them along. So this place is also perfect for Honeymoon Tours.

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——Do’s and Don’ts——

1. Photographing people is subject to their permission.
2. Buying local products benefit the economy so prefer eating from that place.
3. Use dustbins to throw litter.
4. Take snacks along to eat during the hike.
5. Be very friendly to the locals.
6. Take a hammock along if you are fond of open cool places.
7. Don’t forget to keep battery banks.
8. Don’t just DONT miss the starry sky at night.

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——–Total Expense——

Total expenditure: 6500/head including food and camping pod.
Camping pod for 2: 2000/night in off season and 3000/night in peak season
Camping pod for 4: 3000/night in off season and 4000/night in peak season
Camp for 4 persons: 1000/night in off season
Jeep rent from Paras to Sharan: 5000/jeep with one night stay.

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