Beautiful Lakes in Swat Kalam

Beautiful Lakes in Swat Kalam

Swat, meaning the valley of lakes, is home to the mighty Swat river. There is also a wide range of natural lakes that are perfect camping grounds for explorers and nature lovers. Almost all of these lakes can only be reached via hiking or horseback ride through dense forests and across gushing streams. The remote locations of most of these lakes usually keep tourists from seeing them. This journey of discovering nature’s wonders requires stamina, patience, audacity, and above all, love of the wilderness and nature. Beautiful Lakes in Swat Kalam.

Saifullah Lakes Swat

As well as nature lovers and escapists, Saifullah Lake, which is north of Kalam and Mahudand Lake, also attracts fish hunters who want to take home some rare trout. From Kalam, one can reach the valley by way of an unpaved road which ends at Mahudand Lake. The road has bumps and even some steep inclines, but the vast surrounding landscape holds you so strongly you expect to discover new sights. The route to Saifullah Lake takes approximately one hour from Mahudand. It looks like Mahudand Lake, but both have their own unique beauty. There is also a big roaring waterfall near Saifullah Lake, which has vapors that spread in the air and treat the air with freshness.

Saifullah Lake
Saifullah Lake Swat

Kundol Lakes

A moderate to difficult day hike around the lake is a great option for those who love the outdoors. Camping at Kandol Lake is also an exciting adventure with the proper equipment. This lake is a great destination for visitors in summer who are looking for a picturesque place to relax in the thick forests of the Utror valley. Privately hired jeeps take about one hour to travel from Kalam to Utror. A large lake with a green shade, Kandol is surrounded by snow-covered mountains and green slopes merging into the water. It has a breathtaking view of the mountains reflected in the cold, clear water. Cool breezes and pleasant temperatures make this magnificent place an ideal camping spot and resting area. Additionally, you can also go for a walk around the lake and explore nature in isolation if you have enough time.

Kandol Lake
Kandol Lake

Mahudand Lake Swat Kalam

In the Hindu-Kush mountain range, the lake is situated forty kilometers from Kalam in the Ushu Valley. It lies 2,400 meters above sea level and extends over 9400 feet of height. Getting to the lake takes approximately 3-4 hours, which means you should leave in the morning. Some patches of road will be present on the way, but the vast majority of the path is rock and gravel. My advice would be not to take your car since it will touch underneath. Alternatively, you can request the receptionist at your Kalam rest house to arrange a Jeep for you. Beautiful Lakes in Swat Kalam

Mahodand Lake Swat
Mahodand Lake

Katora Lake Swat Kalam

This lake is located at an elevation of 11,500 feet in Kumrat valley, Upper Dir, KPK at an elevation of Lamoti region of Kumrat valley (also called Jaz Dand). With snow capped mountains surrounding it, its margins are dotted with wild flowers of various species. There are lush green forests, fragrant flowers, crystal clear springs, and waterfalls along the trail to this lake. It is only possible to hear the screech of your jogging shoes or the chirping of birds. A human settlement here is extremely difficult and near impossible since it is in such a remote area. Beautiful Lakes in Swat Kalam

Katora Lake
Katora Lake Upper Dir

Daral Lakes in Swat Kalam

The Daral Lake is located northeast of Saidgai Lake and can be reached by a challenging trek of two to three hours from Saidgai. Daral has a trail full of fun and amusement, since it passes through mountains with sky-touching heights that provide spectacular views. An alternative route also leads to Daral Lake, which is a 6 hour trek from Gabeen Jabba. There are beautiful meadows surrounding Daral Lake. The lake is open from May through September. The Daral river flows from this lake through a small stream. The dense forests of conifers, pines, and cedars that cover the deep canyon at Bahrain Valley provide shelter from the intense sun as you descend. If you are an expert of herbal plants, you will find countless treasures of herbal plants.

Daral Lake Swat

Izmis Lakes of Swat Kalam

Izmis in Kohistani means cave and as a result, the lake has been named after these caves. A high altitude lake, Izmis Lake is located to the north-east of Utror valley at a high elevation above the treelined. Additionally, there is a 13km hiking trail that goes to Izmis Lake from Utror, which is located at an elevation of 11,230 feet. It is possible to reach the starting point of the trek by jeep from Utror on a short road. Walking in lush green Banda will provide a memorable experience. Beautiful Lakes in Swat Kalam

Izmis Lake Swat

Bashigram Lake Kalam

The Bashigram Lake lies near Madyan to the east of Bashigram valley. You can reach this valley via a partially metaled road, by a four-by-four or other ordinary vehicle. Simple, hospitable people inhabited this picturesque valley where one can visit in nearly forty to fifty minutes. The distance between here and the lake of Bashigram is about four to five hours by trekking. Hiking this trail in itself is an enjoyable experience. A walk towards the lake takes one through lush green forests, exotic flowers, and crystal clear streams and springs. Check the climate and season before visit this place.


Bashigram Lake Swat

Spin Khawar Lakes Swat

It lies northwest of Kundal Lake and to the south east of Utror Valley, hidden in the lap of mountains. Spin Khwar means white river in the east of the lake as it flows down out of the surrounding mountains, providing a great deal of water to the lake. There are four possible routes to reach the lake. In the beginning, trek from Ladu to Utror after two to three hours of trekking. From Kandol, the hike is steep and shorter. Another alternative is from the meadows of Desan. One of the four possible routes is via Godur pass in Kalam.


Spin Khwar Lake Swat

Shaitan Gwat Lakes Swat Kalam

Shaitan Gwat lake has an altitude of 13500 feet above sea level and is the largest lake in Swat. Starting from Bail village, our trek passed through heavy forested terrain, with billowing water to our left and a blue sky overhead after we emerged from the dense forest. The trek continued till Kaar Banda, and after spending the night there. Start Your trek towards Shaitan Gwat lake, experience some rock climbing. The mountain ranges, glaciers, and the color of the water were captivating in the first glance at the lake. As soon as they finished the photoshoots, the fatigue passed and they were able to return on the same day.


Shaitan Gwat Lake Swat

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