Naltar Valley Lakes

Naltar Valley Lakes | Satrangi Lake | Places to Visit:

Naltar Valley Lakes Tour Trip are the best for families and individual. The excellence tempted Valley of Naltar has invited travelers to visit the locale when it is full blast. Indeed, even around the year, it gives the charming blends on the snow-canvassed Valley in winters. Pine trees with green rug wherever in springs and summers. Without a doubt, the delightful lakes cause eyes to relieve and hearts to soften with the scope of hues it shows.

The region is perfect for mountaineering, trekking, and hiking. Roses, lilies, pansies, Willow, pine, and fir trees are found. The Valley is home to wildlife. For example, Markhor, Ibex, Snow panther, and winged creatures, to be specific chakor, partridge, and ducks. Satrangi Lake is situated 40 km from Hunza in Gilgit Baltistan. Moreover, it is also a paradise for ski lovers in the winter season. Above all, you can also enjoy the chairlift all over the year.

Naltar Valley Jeep Charges / Price / Rent:

You will have to park your vehicle at Nomal Village to hire a Jeep for Naltar. Naltar valley Jeep charges are about Rs.5000 to Rs.6000 round. Gilgit to Naltar Jeep Charges or fare is Rs.9000 approximately one side.

Naltar Valley Skiing / Ski Resort:

An international festival is held in Naltar Ski Resort in the winter season. Many champions participated in these ski championships. Naltar is also famous for its lakes. Freezing lakes attract the skaters to enjoy skating on them.

Lakes in Naltar Valley:

  • Satrangi Lake
  • Blue Lake
  • Dhudia Lake
  • Halima Lake
  • Crystal Lake

In Naltar Valley, several lakes known as Naltar Lakes or Bashkiri Lakes range in altitude from 3,050 to 3,150 metres (10,010 to 10,330 feet). Forests surround the lakes that are covered with pine trees. From May to October, the lakes are most pleasant to visit. Snowfall in the Naltar Valley makes access to the lake almost impossible during the winter months. While Naltar Valley does not have many big lakes, it has many beautiful scenic ones.

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Places to Visit in Naltar Valley:

Satrangi Lake:

Multi colours surround the lake within this mountain range due to the mountain surface, which is called Multicolor or Satrangi Lake.

Satrangi Lake Naltar Valley
Satrangi Lake Naltar Valley

Rainbows are often spotted near lakes. Naltar Lakes contain several lakes referred to as the rainbow lakes, mostly due to the colourful scenery.

Blue Lake:

Satarngi Lake is adjacent to this lake, which has a blue colour. In the next lake, also known as Blue Star Lake, there is water described as bright blue.

Blue Lake Naltar Valle
Blue Lake Naltar Valle

Despite its blue colour and clarity, the water is free of pollution. A distance of 1 km separates the blue star lake from the rainbow lake. There are three deep lakes, but this is the deepest.

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Dhudia Lake:

The lakes around this one are quite far apart and take almost two hours to trek. A majority of the time, it remains frozen. Last but not least, there is Badroko Lake. A dusty black lake, Badroko Lake, lies 15 km away from the other two lakes.

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Blue Lake Naltar Valley
Blue Lake Naltar Valley

Halima Lake:

Halima Garden is a beautiful meadow situated nearby this lake. From Blue Lake, you can reach this lake in 15 minutes. This valley is famous for crystal clear water lakes. Check the climate and season before visit this place.

Naltar Valley Places to Visit:

There are many scenic places to visit in Naltar Valley;

  • Rattu Ski Resort
  • Satrangi Lake
  • Blue Lake
  • Naltar Lake
  • Dhudia Lake

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