Hunza Valley

Hunza Valley in Gilgit-Baltistan is an attractive destination not only for Pakistan people but also for foreign tourists. It is renowned not just for cheerful clime, but also for the lastingness of its dwellers, which is a source of interest for many visitors. In addition to the notable temptations of Hunza Valley, there is always something exclusive that every tourist finds there for himself. 

Baltit Fort and the adjacency  of Karimabad are the major attractions for those visiting Hunza. During the last two years Attabad Lake has also added a new twist to the view. It attracts visitors for its unalloyed significance and ravishing sea-green waters. The most noteworthy thing about Hunza is not just its heart stopping beauty and sterile  environment, but the people, who are the epitome of hard work, and have a joyful personality.

Is Hunza Valley Safe & Sound:

Though the snowcapped mountains of Hunza are exquisite, it is the people of the region that make your stay special. The minute you reach Hunza, you feel like you have been transported to some foreign land since the behavior of the residents there differs from an average Pakistani. For example, the locals love to befriend visitors and you are bound to encounter people who randomly start a conversation and end up inviting you to their households. That’s what we call hospitality!



Whoever goes to Karimabad, cannot resist the popular bazaar of the area no matter how hard they try! Ranging from handcrafted outfits and accessories to decoration pieces, and from amazing shoes to musical instruments – the bazaar has it all. Some of the items available are unique and a must buy for all visitors. This includes jewelry made from stones that are available only in Hunza.

Food of Hunza Pavilion:

Food tastes different in every province of Pakistan due to the water and temperature of the areas. Since Hunza is famous for its fresh water, its not a surprise the food here is delicious and digestible. Hunza has some Local food that you will never have anywhere else in the country. The region is also famous for its walnut cake, apricot cake and Hunza tea.

Where to Stay in Hunza Valley:

You can stay at Karimabad at budgeted price with best views of Rakaposhi and Diran Peak as well. Stay at Eagle nest is next level scenery where you can see all the surrounding peaks of Hunza Valley. One can also stay at Attabad Lake where there are many hotels and camps options also available. You can also stay at Gulmit near Passu in Upper Hunza with view of Passu Peaks. 

Hunza Places

When to Visit Hunza Valley:

In Summer season (June to October) via Babusar Top best time for families and children. In Summer Hunza is crowded with many locals due to moderate weather. If you want to see the blends of Autumn Colors then October November are best month with less crowd.

Road Conditions or Is Hunza Road Safe.:

Lahore to Chillas via Babusar Top all road is carpeted and fit for any vehicle. From Chillas to Raikot Bridge some patches are worn out road. After Raikot Bridge to Khunjerab Pass Smooth and Silky Road

Hunza Tour

Things to Do in Hunza Valley

  • 1. Taste the walnut cake from Cafe De Hunza in Karimabad
  • 2. Boating and Jet Ski at Attabad Lake
  • 3. Climb up the Baltit Fort and Visit Altit Fort 
  • 4. Paragliding at Eagle Nest (only advance booking)
  • 5. Taste the Apricot Cake from Glacier Breeze Restaurant in Passu

Hunza Hotel

Tickets Price of Forts and Parks

  • Baltit Fort Ticket Price 2021-2022 is Rs.800 for locals and Rs.1000 for foreigners
  • Altit Fort Ticket Price 2021-2022 is Rs.500 and Rs.1000 for foreigners
  • Khunjerab Pass Ticket Price -2022 is Rs.100 for local people and Rs.800 for foreigners
  • Attabad Lake Jet Ski Price is Rs.1500
  • Naltar Valley

Where is Hunza Valley?

Hunza Valley is basically the district of Gilgit Baltistan. The most beautiful valley of Pakistan. It attracts many tourists every year due to its highest peaks and diversity of land.

Peaks of Hunza Valley

  • Golden Peak
  • Rakaposhi Mountain
  • Diran Peak
  • Lady Finger Peak
  • Altar Peak

Local Dishes of Hunza Valley

  • Go-Lee
  • Harissa
  • Chapshuro
  • Shopan
  • Gittey
  • Hoi Lo Garma
  • Diram Fitti
  • Buttering Daudo
  • Tumoro Tea
  • Fenugreek Soup

Hunza Water (A Secret or a Myth)

Discovering the secret of Hunza water has not been easy. On the one hand, this water is closer to distilled than plain tap water. It does not contains of mainly ions of different dissolved. Distilled minerals as ordinary water have. yet it is mostly consists of rich minerals and elements in traces. Which are not decomposed; they exist in the form of stable form. Very small minerals – colloids – suspended in the liquid. The water is partially cloudy and for this reason called ‘glacial milk.’ It differs from ordinary potable water in many physical and chemical properties. Which substances in this multitude of minerals are essential in providing Hunza water with special properties?

Hunza water the melted liquid form of a Ultar glacier is natural, pure and has awesome effects on the physical and mental health. Elusive Hunza water reverse the aging process and is the prevention of various dangerous diseases such as cancer, diabetes etc… This moonshine brewed pure water is locally found in the main town of Hunza but has miraculous health effects.

Best Restaurants one should not miss the taste

  • Mountain Cup
  • Cafe De Hunza famous for Walnut Cake
  • Glacier Breeze famous for Apricot Cake
  • Rainbow Restaurant
  • Maizban Restaurant
  • Hunza Pavilion 

Price of Boating in Attabad Lake

Boating price is vary according to distance cover in a Attabad Lake. The average price is Rs.2500 for full boat and 15-16 persons can adjust in this motor boat. Price may vary according to distance, time and speed of boat.

Best time to Visit Hunza Valley

Hunza weather is a bit warm in summer season. The Hunza is accessible all over the year even in snowfall season by 4 by 4 Jeeps. In summer Weather of Hunza remains cold and chill. At Night, Hunza Valley has chill and cool pleasant mild weather. In winters, the temperature goes below the Zero and many people enjoy snowfall. Upper Hunza and Khunjerab Pass not accessible in winter season. Khunjerab Pass officially close from December start to March End by the authorities. Check the temperature and season before visit this place.

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