Astore Valley

Astore Valley:

Astore valley with over 100 villages and spread over 5,092 sq. of land is 120 km long. It lies at the southeast of Gilgit and occupies the eastern side of Nanga Parbat (8,126), the magnificent peak. This beautiful mountain picturesque valley is at an altitude of 2,600m. Among its villages, Chilam is the starting point for Deosai, the second highest plane of the world. The dynamic climate conditions and mesmerizing landscape also makes this valley of great importance for the home to medically required plants.

Astore valley is one of the beautiful valley of Northern Areas of Pakistan. Road Condition from Astore to Deosai Plain is not good and not recommended for cars. Only 4 by 4 jeeps can go through from Astore to Deosai Plain to Skardu. Astore is a valley with a length of 120km and a surface area of 5000 square kilometers in the northern region of Pakistan that belongs to Gilgit-Baltistan. This valley lies at the base of the Eastern Face of Nanga Parbat, the highest mountain in the world at 8,125 meters and one of the most treacherous mountains to climb in the world. It is the east face of Nanga Parbat, a peak that rises to 8,125 meters.

This area is outstandingly beautiful and highly diverse and contradictory in geography, climate, and topography. It is an excellent destination for adventurous travelers. Offers endless options for trekking and exposure to a culture that has not been widely accessible until now.

Astore History:

Having said that, as an independent traveler and a lover of authentic experiences, the trade route that connected Gilgit-Baltistan with the Indian subcontinent captures my attention the most. This route was used as a commercial link between Gilgit and the area of Kashmir for centuries. It is believed that the Gibians went to Srinagar (the central city in Kashmir) to study and imported a wide range of products, including Kashmiri fabrics.

Historically, Gilgit-Baltistan was connected with the Indian subcontinent by the trade route of Ancient Gilgit-Baltistan. Close to Kashmir, the route ends here. But, several meters later, the road was blocked by the snow.

Astore Valley Map:

The map’s three red markers indicate the most touristic spots in the valley: Rupal, Rama Lake, and Deosai Plains. A blue marker on a trading route heading to Kashmir marks the way. Due to centuries of colonization by several groups, Astore today has a great deal of diversity regarding language and culture, including a large population of Kashmiris who settled in the mountains. Gilgit-Baltistan includes several ethnic groups and cultures. Shina is one of the many languages spoken in this region. In Gilgit-Baltistan, the people are more closely related to Central Asia (especially Afghanistan and Tajikistan) than to the rest of Pakistan.

Beauty of Astore Valley:

At the beginning of the valley, arid plains, from which sharp, rocky mountains appear on both sides, define the landscape. A short trek leads to fertile, green meadows, where you can see 8,125-meter-high Nanga Parbat.

The valley becomes more alpine along the river, the temperature drops, and you will reach the end of the trail where you can see glaciers. Astore has a wild and aggressive nature, as everything is made on a massive scale. You are truly blessed with this sight.

People of Astore Valley:

Moreover, as a result of tons of snow covering the roads, Astore becomes isolated from the world during winter, which lasts from October to March. Yet despite this remote location, Astore is home to over 70,000 inhabitants who live in more than 100 villages around the province. The famous hospitality for Pakistan gets multiplied a hundredfold because many of these villagers have never seen or spoken to a foreigner. The host may also invite you to stay with them in their home to sleep on top of the food they will serve you (tea and lentils). Simple people who live off of self-sufficiency in the remotest parts of Astore are far more likely to starve for pride than not serve you a meal. So here is the truth, the absolute truth.

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How to get there

A Jeep is the only vehicle you will be able to use to access the valley. Depending on your budget, renting a Jeep would be the best option. Negotiating the price will be a challenge, but you won’t be paying less than $50 or $60 a day.

Public transport –

When time is not an issue, public transportation is the best way to travel. Many old 4×4 pickups are leaving Gilgit city for the city of Astore, the entry point to the valley. Be aware that the trip takes 4-5 hours and you’ll be riding with 20 other passengers, plus all their luggage.

Scheduling does not exist in advance. You can ask for approximate timings at the bus station the day before. However, I can tell you that they have left up to 3 hours late, based on my own experience. In addition to the 4×4 pickups that follow the road from Astore to Kashmir, there are several others. Moreover, I feel that hitchhiking is easier because the timing is unpredictable.

Where to go:

It would be impossible to explore the valley because of its enormous size thoroughly. However, according to local Pakistanis, the places you should visit include Deosai Plains, Rama Lake, and Rupal. The problem is that while they are undoubtedly beautiful places, they are also reasonably commercial, as many hoteliers and other locals flock there to take advantage of the high season.

Astore to Deosai Distance:

Astore to Deosai Plain distance is round about 70 km. Deosai is accessible from Astore side as well skardu side. There are two ways to visit Astore Valley. One side from Skardu via Deosai Plain the other one is direct to Astore valley from Karakoram Highway.

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Astore to Deosai Road Condition:

The road condition from Astore to Deosai is not in good condition. Personal Cars Hiace Coasters are not recommended on this road. This road is too bumpy. Most of the road patches are are poor and worse. One should hire a Jeep from Astore to Deosai Plain.

Astore to Deosai Jeep Fare

Astore to Deosai Jeep Fare is round about Rs.10,000/- depend on your bargaining. If you want to spend night on Deosai Plain then Rs.15000 will be charged for two days.

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Astore to Deosai Distance Time

It takes 4 to 5 hours to cover from Astore to Deosai Plain one side on 4 by 4 Jeeps. On Your car it takes more time to reach Deosai Plain from Astore Valley.

Astore to Skardu via Deosai:

It takes 7 to 8 hours to reach Astore to Skardu Via Deosai Plain one side on 4 by 4 Jeeps.

Skardu to Astore Distance:

Astore to Skardu via Deosai Plain distance is round about 152 km. You can also visit the skardu via Skardu Gilgit Road.

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Road from Astore to Deosai

The road condition from Astore to Deosai is not in good condition. Personal Cars Hiace Coasters are not recommended on this road. This road is too bumpy. Most of the road patches are are poor and worse. One should hire a Jeep from Astore to Deosai Plain.

Astore to Rama Lake Meadows Distance

Astore to Rama Meadows distance is round about 10km to 11km. Rama Village is bit higher than Astore Valley. Jeeps take more than 1 hour to reach Rama Meadows and Lakes from Astore Valley.

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Astore to Rama Lake Road Condition:

The road is only for 4 by 4 Jeeps. One Day is enough to visit Rama Meadows and Rama Lakes. Many people are love to Camps here to see the billion star Galaxy.

Astore to Minimarg Distance and Road Condition:

Only 4 by 4 Jeeps can cross this bumpy road. The distance between Astore to Minimarg Valley and Minimarg Lake is about 39 Km and take 3 to 4 hours one side.

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