Places to Visit in Hunza & Gilgit

Hunza has numerous beautiful places to visit. The following are the Must visit Places in Hunza Valley.

  1. Eagle Nest
  2. Altit Fort
  3. Baltit Fort
  4. Naltar Valley
  5. Nagar Valley
  6. Hoper Glacier
  7. Gilgit
  8. Hunza Valley
  9. Attabad Lake
  10. Passu Peaks
  11. Hussaini Suspension Bridge
  12. Sost
  13. Khunjerab Pass
  14. Rakaposhi View Point
  15. Many More…

1. Eagle Nest View Point (Must Visit Place)

The highest point of Hunza valley where you can see the whole Hunza Valley as well as Nagar Valley also. An adventure place in the Hunza valley, Duiker is a place to view the whole valley. It provides a gorgeous view of the valley’s snow-covered peaks. Birds and cliffs enhance the scenic beauty more. Hunza Valley Duiker is also one of the places where eagles nest, referred to as eagles nests, which gives you all the reasons to visit this place. Whether you want a relaxing and rejuvenating vacation or you want to look your best, Duiker is the place to go.

Eagle Nest Attraction in Hunza
Eagle Nest Places to Visit in Hunza

2. Attabad Lake (Beautiful Places in Hunza Valley)

It is also known as the bride of Hunza Valley the most beautiful lake of Gilgit Baltistan. The Attabad Lake, which is turquoise-blue like you won’t believe, is perhaps the most famous tourist spot in Hunza, located along the Karakoram Highway before the village of Shishak. When visiting Attabad, remember its history as well. The Attabad Lake is neither a natural Lake nor a carefully constructed fort, contrary to the Passu Cones or the Altit Fort.
A landslide that blocked the Hunza River and destroyed Attabad on January 4th, 2010, destroyed the village. Many people died, and many were displaced or left with serious inconveniences.

Attabad Lake Best Places to Visit in Hunza
Attabad Lake Best Places to Visit in Hunza

3. Hussaini Suspension Bridge (Adventurous Places in Hunza)

is the old bridge situated near Gulmit. 10mins away from the main road. The hanging bridge is full of thrill.

Hussaini Suspension Bridge Attraction in Hunza
Hussaini Suspension Bridge Best Places to Visit in Hunza

4. Khunjerab Pass (Tourist Attraction in Hunza Valley)

is the Pak-China gateway for trade between two countries. Also open for general public. The highest mountain pass at the elevation 4,693 meters or 15,397 feet. The last place to visit in Hunza is the Khunjerab Pak China Border, which links Pakistan and China. It sits not only at the edge of Hunza but also of Pakistan. As you approach the Khunjerab Border, you’ll drive through Khunjerab National Park, which reaches the country’s largest border, 4706 m / 15,439 ft. The park is a massive nature reserve, so you’re sure to see yaks and perhaps even some marmots.

Khunjerab Pass Best Places to Visit in Hunza
Khunjerab Pass Famous Places to Visit in Hunza


5. Naltar Valley (Famous Places in Hunza Valley)

is the lap of crystal lakes. The magnificent valley attracts many tourists every year. One of the must visit places in Hunza valley.

Hunza Naltar Beautiful Places to Visit in Hunza
Hunza Naltar Beautiful Places to Visit in Hunza

6. Altit Fort (Must Visit Places in Hunza Valley)

The ancient fort of Hunza Valley located in Altit Village 10 to 15 mins drive from Karimabad. A visit to Altit Fort is a must-see if you’re interested in a cultural side trip away from the urban environment. A mighty snow-capped range of mountains that towers above the Hunza mountains remains forever under the watchful eye of Altit, which means “This side down”. This fort was a crucial strategic piece of land that united the Hunza and Nagar valleys. Moreover, the ruling Mir family was able to defend itself against Chinese Russian invasions. As a palace for the royal Mir, the outpost has withstood earthquakes, invasions, and foreign occupations. 1100 years ago, it was built as a solitary fortress. Therefore, it is now an appealing meeting place for anyone in need of a relaxing and scenic environment.

Altit Fort Historical Places to Visit in Hunza
Altit Fort Historical Places to Visit in Hunza

7. Baltit Fort (Ancient Places in Hunza Valley)

The majesty fort located at an ascending of 350m from main Karimabad bazar. You can view the whole Hunza valley from it. It is situated at the center of Hunza, at the thousand-year-old Altit fort and the 700-year-old Altit fort.  In the valley, the Baltit fort is one of the oldest historical monuments of the region and a symbol of a feudal regime. Altit Fort was once home to the Mir, or king, of Hunza, but was eventually replaced by Baltit Fort. In front of the Ulter Glacier is a rectangular stronghold. A strategic control point of the Karakoram trade route between South and Central Asia, commanding views of the Hunza Valley and its tributaries. Until 1945, the fort was home to Mir.

Baltit fort boasts a rich history and a rich past of legends that have lived there in the past. It is one of the oldest forts in the Hunza Valley. While staying in Hunza Valley, Prince Agha Khan stayed at this fort. Baltit fort refers to the Baltistan people, so it’s also called Baltit fort. In modern times, the fort is situated on top of the Bazaar. You can enjoy stunning views of the surroundings from this location.

Baltit Fort Historical Places to Visit in Hunza
Baltit Fort Historical Places to Visit in Hunza

Places to Visit in Nagar Valley:

8. Rakaposhi View Point:

You can see the mighty Rakaposhi from this point and a large stream flowing down the way. One should stay for a while to feel the mightiness of Rakaposhi.

Rakaposhi View Point Attraction in Hunza Gilgit
Rakaposhi View Point Must Visit Places in Hunza Gilgit

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9. Karimabad Bazar (Best Places in Hunza Valley)

It is located in the heart of Hunza valley. You can find many restaurant for food. In addition, quality local stuff is also available here. Karimabad, one of the most remarkable villages in the Hunza Valley, welcomes visitors with its golden sand and breathtaking natural scenery. Thanks to its vibrant and swaying cherry trees and apricot tree colors. The place offers a relaxed and party-like vibe. There is plenty to do in Karimabad, regardless of your budget. Water sports, adventurous activities, or just relaxing, Karimabad has it all. Hunza is known for its lively shopping culture. The Karimabad market, which is open every day, allows you to experience that.

Karimabad Bazar Must Visit Places in Hunza Gilgit
Karimabad Bazar Must Visit Places in Hunza Gilgit

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10. Hopar Nagar Valley

Nagar valley is situated on the other side of Hunza river. The real nature and calmness can feel in the lap of this valley. One of the must visit places in Hunza valley. Check the climate and season before visit this place.

Nagar Valley Must Visit Places in Nagar Valley
Nagar Valley Must Visit Places in Nagar Valley

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Best Places in Gilgit

Gilgit is the capital city of Gilgit Baltistan and heaven for many tourists. Many tourists visit it every year and enjoy best and tasty food and inexpensive accommodation. Many tourists visit it due to its magnificent beauty and ancient historical places. Shopping is very affordable as compared to other cities of country. In addition, One reality about Gilgit is that the shop keepers at times also accept the foreign currency so it is not necessary for tourists to carry Pakistani currency with them all the time. Gilgit is no doubt a real gem in this Country. Such spectacular beauty is hard to find in any other region of this universe. Gilgit is the central hub point for most of the main attractions. Therefore, any visitor is in Gilgit takes a of the area and many destinations which are few km away from Gilgit should visit as well.

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