Best Places to Visit in Swat Kalam & Things to Do

Best & Famous Tourist Places to Visit in Swat Kalam:

Places to Visit in Swat Kalam is a fantastic experience—heaven on earth, particularly from Kalam to Mahudand Lake. The Ushu Forest is beautiful Swat Kalam places to visit. The area has many waterfalls and glaciers. In addition, Natural wonders in Swat Valley include a breathtaking landscape and abundant wildlife. Swat has many scenic countryside, lush forests, and high-peak mountains. As a result, nature and tourists enjoy a natural habitat suitable for both Swat Valley and beautiful places. Aside from its freshwater lakes and rivers, the area is popular for its warm weather and springs. Together, these factors contribute to making Pakistan a safe tourist destination.

Swat Valley Tourist Famous Visiting Places:

Swat Valley is well-known for its tourist activities both in the summer and winter. Firstly, Swat is great for hiking, trekking, camping, ziplining, riding chairlifts and cable cars, relaxing in your free time, and going on honeymoons during summer. Secondly, Places to Visit in Swat Kalam has Pakistan’s largest selection of winter sports activities, making it a favorite tourist destination. Finally, In the winter [2,804 meters (9,199 ft)], international and national tourists come to Swat Kalam Valley to enjoy skiing, ice skating, sledding, ice hockey, bandy, snowboarding, speed skating, curling, etc.

If you plan to visit Swat Tour Packages, here we list the top 10 must-visit spots. Make sure to have a good time so that you can explore the beautiful visiting places of Swat are following:

  1. Mingora
  2. Malam Jabba Ski Resort
  3. White Palace Marghazar
  4. Visit famous Gabin Jabba
  5. Shangla Top Point
  6. Kalam Tourist Point
  7. Mahodand Lake – Best place to visit
  8. Bahrain Visiting Place
  9. Mataltan trout fish place
  10. Madyan famous for Tourist
  11. Shahi Bagh beautiful placce
  12. Many More…

1. Mingora (Swat Main Market)

Mingora is the famous main city of Swat Valley. In addition to the mouthwatering food available in Fizaghat Park, the park also has a pleasant climate. It is the first place tourists visit when touring the Swat Valley. Further, it is located in Mingora, almost 3.6 km from the town. From this point, one can truly witness the Swat River’s rushing water and a panorama of the entire valley.

places to visit in Swat
Mingora Swat Kalam Places to Visit

2. Malam Jabba (Swat Ski Resort)

Malam Jabba Top is almost 44km from Mingora, the most exchanged city of Swat. In Pakistan, there is only one resort for skiing called Malam Jabba. One of the best-known hill stations in the Swat Valley is in the Hindu Kush mountain range. The road to Malam Jabba is also entirely curved, yet adventurous travelers enjoyed skiing there. Furthermore, the slope is nestled in a dense forest. Aside from that, Malam Jabba Resort has its class in Pakistan with mega facilities for winter sports and adventures. Several tourists come here to enjoy the majestic views of the mountain range. International Alpine Ski Cup participants that visited Pakistan have noted that Malam Jabba is the perfect setting for skiing in Swat Valley places.

Swat tourist places
Malam Jabba Ski Resort

3. White Palace – Tourist Point of Swat

It is situated 13 km away from Saidu Shareef. The first king of Swat Valley, Miangul Abdul Wadud (Badshah Sahib), built the white palace of Maraghzar in 1940 in the town small of Marghuzar, situated about 13 kilometers away from Saidu Sharif. The name was given to the palace because it was built of white marble. The palace is now serving as a hotel and a renowned tourist resort. Approximately 24 active vast furbished rooms and the Royal Suite (former-King’s bedroom) where Queen Elizabeth once stayed for three days. Must places and visiting point to visit in Swat Valley.

swat beautiful places
White Palace Swat

Moreover, Two big conferences or meetings were held in halls where King Abdul Wadood’s cabinet meetings were. There is a King’s lobby from where one can have a beautiful view of the garden lawn. In addition, A glimpse of a swirling stream of water through the king’s veranda on the right side. Tourists enjoy visiting this palace. Lush green meadows and springs are set to beautify the court. This historical building gives it magnificence. The architect used white Indian marble in the building, which has expanded its grace.

4. Gabin Jabba – Swat Best Visiting Point

Gabin Jabba is a beautiful Swat meadow (approximately 70km from Mingora). One can travel up to Lalkoo in a car/jeep (recommended to hire a car from Mingora with the local driver as the last 10 km track is under construction and very difficult), and then there is hiking of around 3 hours. More about Gabin Jabba

Swat places to visit
Gabin Jabba Swat

5. Shangla Top (Places to Visit in Swat Kalam)

This Top is basically a short route between Besham City and Swat. One way divert from Khuwaza Khela to Shangla Top.

swat famous places
Shangla Top Places to Visit in Swat Valley

6. Kalam Valley – Swat Best Picnic Place

Swat is also known as the Switzerland of Pakistan. It is situated 35 km away from Bahrain City. A gap of 99 km separates Kalam Valley from Swat Valley, which is why it is first on the map. Together with the green hills of Swat, the Swat River ringed the entire valley. This fact is the reason the Kalam Valley has attracted such a large number of travelers. The places of significance of Kalam include Matiltan, Usho, Utror, and Gabral, which are all noteworthy to visit. Kalam offers a cool and pleasant climate and panoramic views, making it the must traveler visiting place of Swat.

swat visiting places
Kalam Valley Places to Visit in Swat Valley

7. Mahudand Lake Best Tourist Place in Swat

The jeep’s fare from Kalam to Mahodand Lake ranges between Rs.4000 and 6000, depending on your bargaining. In the Ushu Valley of Kalam, the glacial alpine Mahudand Lake is an equally-important destination in Swat Valley. With the vast Hindu Kush peaks forming a complete backdrop behind the lake at an elevation of 9,603 feet and surrounded by lush green meadows, the lake created a perfect place for camping. Since the lake freezes in winter and is inaccessible due to road blockades, the best time to visit is midsummer. Among the many other things you will find here are different flora and fauna with enormous fishes. Undoubtedly, it is one of the beautiful, famous and visiting places in Swat picnic to spend the day in Kumrat Valley Tour Packages.

best place to visit in swat
Mahudand Lake Kalam Tourist Attraction

Mahodand Lake – Best Tourist Spot of Swat:

Mahodand Lake is one of the most beautiful lakes in Pakistan. It is approximately 3,000m (9,400ft) above sea level. This splendid Lake attracts many tourists yearly due to its crystal clear water. The Lake is situated at the foothills of the Hindukush Mountains. Due to snowfall, the road to the Lake is very bumpy and not in good condition. Only 4×4 Jeeps can go through; they are easily available in Kalam Valley. Mahodand Lake is not accessible in Winter. The most visiting & picnic point with scenic places of Swat among tourists.

The Kalam to Mahudand Lake is about 35 km. The Jeep’s fare from Kalam to Mahudand Lake ranges between Rs.4000 and 6000, depending on your bargaining. The morning time is the best time to travel to Mahudand Lake. You can spend the whole day at Lake. Take some short stays on the way to Lake. You can also see the Falak Sar Peak, the highest peak of Kalam Valley, at Matalan Point.

Mahodand Lake Camping:

Adventure lovers and great outdoors lovers are said to find it a paradise. It’s scenic views and lush greenery attract tourists from all over the country. Hotels and buildings are not found due to their remote location. Residents around the valley have upgraded the infrastructure to accommodate tourists by installing tents and camps. There are also horseback riding and boating options in the area.

Customize your tour: Swat Kalam Tour Packages also available.

8. Bahrain – Swat Kalam Places to Visit

This Bahrain Town is the main bazar of Swat Kalam places to visit. A riverside hill station, Bahrain has a reputation for being a riverside resort. The title clearly describes the merging of two different rivers. Hotel accommodations are available for travelers who can enjoy the cool breeze of the Daral and Swat Rivers during their stay. Furthermore, it serves as a base camp for a trail that leads to the Daral and Saigas lakes. A must-visit place in Swat due to its beauty and fame, the area has a mild climate in summer.

places to visit in kalam swat
Bahrain City Swat Tourist Attraction

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10. Matalitan Waterfall Swat Famous Place

is a small beautiful valley on the way to Mahudand Lake. Must Check Climate of Swat valley before visit.

swat kalam picnic view points
Matalitan Valley Swat

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11. Madyan

In Swat, Madyan is considered one of the best hill stations. Due to the Swat River and its surrounding area, the hill station is a popular destination. A picturesque setting, good food, and a pleasant atmosphere make this a great place to visit. Madyan is a favorite destination for nature lovers because it has mouthwatering trout fish and amazing weather in the summer. Swat River, which flows into the Shyok River, draws more people here. Several hotels in Madyan offer luxurious services. One of the beautiful & famous Swat tourist places to visit in Swat Valley.

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12. Shahi Bagh – Beautiful Tourist Spot in Swat

Shahi Bagh is a perfect picnic spot in Swat Valley to enjoy the serenity and pleasant weather. It’s a good place to spend time with family and enjoy barbecuing. Shahi Bagh has a freshwater stream on its property in Gabral District. Must read Beautiful Lakes of Swat Valley

Gabin Jabba Swat:

Gabin Jabba is a beautiful Swat meadow (approximately 70km from Mingora). One can travel upto Lalkoo in a car/jeep. Recommended to hire a car from Mingora with the local driver as the last 10 km track is under construction and very difficult. And then there is hiking for around 3 hours. The way is medium in the first hour and then difficult onward as the tough/steep hiking trail starts, and it takes about 3 hours to reach on top in Gabeen Jabba meadows. On top, there is a beautiful meadow and camping site, and pods are also available for stay. One of the top tourist & must visit place in Swat.

o the north of Gabin Jabba, the village of Lalko is a gateway to the region, carefully connected to the area. A four-wheel drive vehicle is needed to access it. It is the first settlement you encounter on your way to Gabeen Jabba. Additionally, it hosts the base camp for a path leading to the alpine glacial lakes of Daral and Saidgai.

How to Reach Gabin Jabba:

The Swat Motorway will take you to Mingora and you can follow these routes to get to Gabin Jabba from Mingora city. We have many Tourism Deals to must visit this place in Swat.

First Route:

Traveling on N-95 (Bahrain Rd) through Mingora and Khwazakhela, follow the Bagh Deri Road to Lalkoo Rd (1 hour and 10 minutes / 39.1 km) to get to Gabin Jaba (50 minutes / 21.2 km).

Second Route:

You may also cross over the Swat River through Kanju. From Airport Road, take Bagh Deri Road for 1 hour and 15 minutes. Continue on Bagh Deri Road. To reach Gabeen Jabba, drive 43 minutes 17.7 kilometers to Lalkoo Rd.

There is little difference between the two routes. However, the primary route to Gabin Jabba is much more congested than the alternative route. Due to heavy traffic volume on both routes during peak tourist season, you may experience delays when visiting Swat. Check the season before visiting the Gabin Jabba.