3 Days Tour to Swat Malam

We have 3 Days Tour to Swat Kalam Malam Jabba

3 Days Tour to Swat Malam

We have 3 Days Tour to Swat Kalam Malam Jabba

3 Days Tour to Swat Malam

We have 3 Days Tour to Swat Kalam Malam Jabba

3 Days Tour to Swat Malam

We have 3 Days Tour to Swat Kalam Malam Jabba

3 Days Tour to Swat Malam

We have 3 Days Tour to Swat Kalam Malam Jabba

3 Days Tour to Swat Malam

We have 3 Days Tour to Swat Kalam Malam Jabba

3 Days Tour to Swat Malam

We have 3 Days Tour to Swat Kalam Malam Jabba

3 Days Tour to Swat Malam

We have 3 Days Tour to Swat Kalam Malam Jabba

3 Days Tour to Swat Malam

We have 3 Days Tour to Swat Kalam Malam Jabba

Swat Kalam Valley Tour Packages 2023 Family Trip:

We have many tour packages to Swat Trip & Kalam Tour & Malam Jabba Ski Resort Excursions. So, we offer the online swat family tour packages & travel 2023 for your comfort. We have private or group tour packages with the best travel agency in Swat. Our Vacation & Holiday Packages include trip to Swat Kalam for 3, 4, and 5 days. From Lahore & Islamabad to Swat Tour Packages 2023 price in just Rs.14500 per person. And the best package plan from Rs.14000, Rs.16000, or Rs.18000. Finally, we also have online Swat valley operators for tour packages from Islamabad, Rawalpindi, Lahore, Karachi & Faisalabad at cheap rates. Usually, trip takes 5 – 6 hours road drive to scenic Swat Kalam tour, which is 250 km away from Islamabad through M-1 & Expressway route travel. So, we hire private transport and vehicles for the tourists join our road trip to Swat visit Kalam Trip & Swat Tour with Malam Jabba explore in travel and vacation package.

Continue your journey to the Malam Jabba excursion, where you will spend two hours to explore surroundings. In addition, You can explore Malam Jabba on a trip & take a chair lift ride, and there are many thrilling activities to enjoy in inexpensive cost. Moreover, elegant Malam Jabba is 40 km away from Saidu Sharif Swat by road. On the way to wondrous Kalam Valley, you can visit Bahrain Bazar en-route & Kalam is 33 km from Bahrain & 99 km from Mingora. So, we will land drive towards Swat or picturesque Kalam Valley. Additionally, the trip takes 4 – 5 hours road travel to get to Kalam Valley from Swat Valley Tour Packages.

Swat Kalam Tour Packages from Lahore, Karachi & Islamabad:

Services include hotel booking, hired private transportation, sightseeing, tour operator in Swat, horseback riding, boating, and boat excursions for Swat Kalam Malam Jabba tours. We offer tour & travel agency management services for newlywed couples, families, students, and companies with large groups on their honeymoon & corporate private trips. In addition, a few tour plans consist of road trips, while others are full of adventures. We are dedicated to making your vacation & holidays unforgettable and comfortable with life time experience. Book our tailored recreational & family friendly Swat & Kalam packages and cherish the moments of your amazing tour in cheap prices. Swat Kalam comprises more than 30 getaways & excursions packages, deals & offers for travelers from Lahore, Karachi & Islamabad.

Travel destinations, historical sites, and attractions are available at weekend getaways that feature different cultures, traditions, and beautiful tourist places. Nature Adventure Club is the best tour & trip planner for Pakistan tourists & overseas Pakistani residing in the US, UK, UAE, and Australia – all over the world.

Swat Kalam Valley Tour Packages in January

  • 3 Days Family Trip to Swat Kalam (5 to 8 January 2023)
  • 2 Nights 3 Days Tour to Swat Kalam (12 to 15 January 2023)
  • 3 Days Trip to Swat Kalam (19 to 22 January 2023)
  • 3 Days Vacation to Swat Kalam Valley (26 to 29 January 2023)

Kalam SwatMalam Jabba Trips in February

  • 3 Days Tour to Explore Swat Malam Jabba & Kalam (2 to 5 February 2023)
  • 3 Days Trip to Discover Swat Kalam Malam Jabba (9 to 12 February 2023)
  • Three Days Holidays to Malam Jabba Swat Kalam (16 to 19 February 2023)
  • 3 Days Road Ride to Swat Kalam Malam Jabba (23 to 26 February 2023)

Swat Kalam Family Tour Packages & Trips 2023:

List of Swat Tour Packages 2023No. of DaysCost Price*Book
Swat Group Tour Packages3 DaysRs.13500/-
Explore Swat Kalam Valley4 DaysRs.25000/-
Swat Kalam Malam Jabba Trip5 DaysRs.32000/-
Swat Valley Private Tour - Lahore3 DaysRs.45000/-
Visit Swat Family Holiday - Islamabad4 DaysRs.47000/-
Swat Kalam Valley Package - Karachi5 DaysRs.75000/-
Swat Honeymoon Tour Planner4 DaysRs.85000/-

Swat Kalam Valley Travel Packages 2023 Tours from Islamabad:

Lahore to Swat Valley Kalam Tour Packages 2023 Trips:

Karachi to Swat Valley Tour Packages 2023 Trips:

Places to visit in Swat Kalam Malam Jabba Family Tour Packages:

  • Excursion Swat Kalam Valley Trip
  • Explore the beauty of picturesque Swat
  • Chair lift ride at Malam Jabba visit (10 – 15 minutes)
  • Skiing at Malam Jabba Ski Resort (2804 m)
  • Shopping at spectacular Bahrain Market
  • Visit Madyan Valley en-route to Kalam
  • Stopover at breath-taking Fizaghat Swat
  • Discover dense green alluring Ushu Forest
  • Jeep ride to Mahudand Lake elevation (2,865 m)
  • Mataltan Waterfall incredible sightseeing
  • Travel experience along undulating Swat River
  • Visit & taste the delicious Trout Fish at Farm
  • Feeling lost among Sun-kissed Hindukush Mountains
  • View of highest Peak of Swat Falak Sar (5957 m)
  • Taste the sweet & juicy local organic fruits
  • Transfers to best & cozy hotels with scenic views
  • Comfortable & secure family transport trip to Swat
  • Many more awe-inspiring places & tourists destinations
Swat Tour Packages from Lahore Karachi Islamabad
Malaysian Couple Trip – Swat Kalam Valley

Services Included in Swat Tour Packages 2023:

  • AC Private Transport (Corolla Car, Prado, Coaster, Hi-Roof)
  • 2 – 3 Times Quality Meal (Breakfast + Dinner)
  • 1 – 2 time Bonfire & delicious BBQ
  • Basic First Aid Kit
  • Fuel Tolls Parking etc.
  • Services of Professional Guide
  • Accommodation in nice and family Hotels
Swat Valley Trip Packages
Explore Swat Valley Tour

Trip Plan Swat Kalam Valley Tour Packages 2022 Travel:

Day 0: Departure for Swat Kalam Trip From Lahore & Karachi

  • Departure for Swat Tour by road Trip from Lahore 10:00 pm in private transport
  • Night Travel to Swat Kalam Malam Jabba Tour via Motorway or GT Road
  • People of Karachi can take direct flight or train to reach Lahore & Islamabad

Day 1: Travel to Explore Swat Valley Malam Jabba Trip

  • Pick up Islamabad family members at 3:00am
  • 5 hours drive to Swat from Islamabad in private transport
  • Delicious Breakfast from Swat at 8:30am
  • Continue travel to Malam Jabba excursion
  • Explore Malam Jabba in trip & Chair lift ride & activities for 2 – 3 hours
  • Visit Bahrain Bazar enroute to Kalam Valley
  • Drive towards Swat or scenic Kalam & transfer to Hotel
  • Dinner and overnight stay at Swat/Kalam

Days 02: Mahudand Lake Kalam Jeep Ride

  • Breakfast on Swat Kalam Tour & Trip 8:00 am
  • Transfer to hired Jeep ride for thrilling off road track of 2 hours travel.
  • Explore dense green heavenly Ushu Forest on way to Mahudand Lake
  • Enjoy beautiful waterfalls, glaciers, and incredible landscapes on the way
  • Sightseeing stay at scenic Matalan Waterfall for half hour with cup of hot tea
  • Discover spectacular & glorious Mahudand Lake with 1 hour stay
  • Drive back to beautiful Kalam Valley after visit of alluring sceneries
  • Dinner and overnight stay in Kalam nice hotel

Day 03: Travel back Kalam Excursion to Home

  • Breakfast @ 8:00 am & departure for Lahore/Islamabad
  • Travel along the Swat River via Swat Expressway
  • Visit ancient & master piece White Palace (100 years old)
  • Short refreshment stays on the way
  • Reach Islamabad in evening after Swat tour packages
  • Continue the journey towards Lahore
  • Arrival at Lahore at night about 11:00pm
Swat Tour Packages 2022
Swat Kalam Sightseeing Tour in Winter

Book your Swat Tour Packages from Lahore, Karachi, Islamabad, Rawalpindi, Faisalabad:

If you want to customize your private tour according to your days, destinations, budget or dates. So, kindly click on the following link and fill the form. What are you waiting for!!!. So, contact with us in order to book your memorable tour under the signature of Nature Adventure Club. We are the best tour operator to make your tour memorable.

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The number of passengers dictates what type of private transport we hire, such as AC Coasters, spacious hi-roof cars, the latest models, and luxurious limos. Similarly, hotels and buildings are not found due to their remote location with the best swat travel agency. Finally, residents around the valley have upgraded the infrastructure to accommodate tourists by installing tents and camps. So, there are also horseback riding and boating options in our Swat family tour.

Swat Tour Packages
Visit Swat Kalam Tour & Travel

Explore & Enjoy Kalam Swat Malam Jabba Family Trips & Tours:

So, visitors to this valley come worldwide to see its mountains, green meadows, and lakes, attracting thousands of visitors each year. In addition to its natural beauty and lush green valleys, Pakistan is known as Switzerland. Hence, Trekking, hiking and fun strolls are just some things a traveler can enjoy in Swat Valley tour packages. Malam Jabba Ski Resort is a popular destination among the few ski resorts in Pakistan. In addition to the 2 Buddhist stupas, 6 monasteries are scattered around the resort. There is evidence that the area has been inhabited for over 2,000 years based on the size of the monuments.

  1. Experience Swat – A Family Getaway
  2. Romantic Escapade to Swat Kalam
  3. Best of Romantic Swat Kalam Valley
  4. Luxury in the Lap of Swat Kalam
  5. All-Inclusive Getaway to Swat Kalam
  6. Sightseeing Swat Tour for Family
  7. Glimpse of Swat & Kalam
  8. All of Swat Tour Package
Swat Tour Packages
Happy Faces at Swat Trip

Experience of Swat Valley Tour Packages with Best Tour Operators:

Family Tour to Kalam Valley & Swat Tour Packages is believed to illustrate the heaven on earth, which is situated at an altitude of 2740 m. In addition to its location, surrounded by dense forests, beautiful lakes, and floral meadows, it is 95 km from Swat. Swat Kalam Valley is known for its serenity and tranquility, as well as its ability to drain the stress of its visitors quickly. Here, nature lovers and photography enthusiasts can enjoy enchanting views of pine forests, mist-covered hills, and verdant valleys in trip such as:

  • Shahi Bagh, Swat
  • Mountainous Bahrain Bazar
  • Cheel, Madyan Valley
  • Fizaghat Adventure Park
  • Hindu Kush Mountain Range
  • Kalakot organice Village
  • Kalam Valley Pine Forest
  • Kandol Lake, Kalam
  • Crystal Clear Mahodand Lake
  • Malam Jabba Ski Slope
Swat Kalam Tour Packages
Feel Nature at Swat Tour Package

Activities in Swat Kalam Tour Packages:

Mahodand Lake is one of the beautiful lakes in Swat Kalam Valley Family Tour Packages 2022. So, it is approximately 3,000m (9,400ft) above sea level. Similarly, the lake is situated at the foothills of the Hindukush Mountains. Secondly, the road to the lake is very bumpy and not in good condition due to snowfall. Only 4×4 Jeeps can go through, easily available in Kalam Valley Trips & things to do in Kalam Swat Malam Jabba Tour are:

  • Shopping & night walk in Kalam
  • Horse Riding for Day Trips
  • Adventurous Jeep Travel to Lake
  • Landscape Photography for Instagram
  • Play with snow at Malam Jabba
  • Boating Tour at Mahudand Lake
  • River Rafting in Swat River
  • Camping in heart of Ushu Forest

Swat Kalam Valley Tour Packages from Lahore, Karachi & Islamabad:

There are winding paths to get lost and breathtaking views to enjoy till the end of the tour and travel. One can actually enjoy the soulful experience of peaceful villages and the view of the surreal rivers and magnificent mountains. The town is surrounded by the glorious Himalayan range glimpsing from across the Indus River for a blissful weekend family trip & Swat Tour Packages 2023. This pure hidden gem is a tiny village nestled amidst the wilderness. Weekend getaways offer a variety of things to do and see, including traditions, diverse cultures, beautiful travel destinations, historical sites, and attractions. Finally, the best Kalam Swat Valley Trips Packages as following:

Jeep Safari to Mahudand Lake:

The distance from Kalam to glorious Mahudand Lake is about 35 – 40 km off road bumpy track. The Jeep’s fare from Kalam to Mahudand Lake ranges between Rs.7000 – Rs.9000 round tour. Additionally, the early morning is the best time to travel to Mahudand Lake trip & tour to explore more scenic places. Travelers can enjoy the local foods like 440 volt tea, fresh trout fish and organic honey available alongside the lake. So, you can spend the whole day at Lake in a family tour packages to Swat Kalam Travel Agency. 3 Days Group Tour to Swat & Kalam is the best hot-selling Swat Kalam Valley Tour Packages 2023. Lofty hills and lush greenery comprised of pine and deodar trees make this landscape so magical. 

Malam Jabba Sightseeing with Activities:

The Malam Jabba ski resort is at a distance of 50km (30 miles) travel from Swat Valley Tour Package and 280km (175 miles) from Islamabad & Lahore at an elevation of 2,804 meters (9,199ft). A single 600m long red slope serviced by a 2-seat chairlift & a small learner slope with a drag lift. From skiing, skating, sledging, sofa tubing, and archery to even local dance, many competitions were held every year in the winter. Amateur skiers accompanied by a professional coach glide smoothly on snow-covered slopes under the guidance of their coach, thrilling the viewers. Our best tour agency offers budgeted & leisure Swat Tour Packages from Pakistan 2023.

It is often believed Swat Kalam Trip or Malam Jabba because of the endless meadows it has spread across. A thick canopy of pine and deodar trees covers this place at the intersection of Dir and Kohistan. We also have 2 Days Skiing Tour to Swat Malam Jabba at the best prices. We hire latest models and comfortable transport for our leisure trips & throughout travel. In addition, we present different Swat Kalam trips packages in 2023 that range from standard to deluxe tours & excursions to Kalam & Swat Valley.

Kalam Valley Family Retreat – Swat:

You can cover approximately 115 km of travel in only 5 hours and 30 minutes drive to reach Ushu from Swat City by local or your transport. At the height of 6500 feet and located along the bank of the Swat River, Kalam valley is 99 kilometers away from Mingora in the northern upper reaches of Swat valley. There is a forest of Usho, a valley called Utror and a lake called Mahodand Lake which are the main tourist attractions of Kalam Valley. The highest peak in the region is Mount Falaksar, at 5,918 meters (19,416 feet) which you can witness en route to the Mahodand Lake track. So, 100+ standard, deluxe & luxury hotels options available in Kalam Valley will offers in Swat Tour Packages with your family.

Visit Ancient White Palace of Swat Tour Packages:

White Palace is approximately 15 km (7.5 miles) of travel duration from Saidu Sharif Swat, and it takes a 1-hour slow drive to reach there. Built-in 1941 to serve as the summer residence of the Swat State King, the White Palace at Marghazar hill lies at an elevation of 7,236 feet above sea level. Moreover, The hotel (Rs.7000 – Rs.9000 per night room) is ideal for family and tourist groups looking for a comfortable place to stay. So, the entry ticket price is Rs.100 per head, with a hot cup of tea to serve you inside the palace in Swat Tour Packages. We have the best reviews on social media platforms because of our extremely professional Swat Kalam Valley tour operators team. Swat Honeymoon Couple Packages are also available for newlyweds from Karachi, Islamabad & Lahore.

Explore Ushu Forest in Kalam Valley:

This dense forest is located 9-10 kilometers (6.2 miles) from Kalam Valley and 125 kilometers (76 miles) from Mingora Swat City at an altitude of 2,300 meters (7,550 feet). Natural wonders and biodiversity abound in Upper Swat Kalam Trip for nature lovers. Ushu is accessible via a non-metallized road from Kalam via 4×4 jeeps or Prados, which cost the travelers Rs.5000 – Rs.6000 round trip. Tourists can indulge in Hiking, shopping, having tea, camping, and exotic sightseeing at this place. In addition to well-maintained forests, the vicinity of the village offers a picturesque camping spot (3 – 5 family persons) where you can camp and stay overnight with the necessities you need. Swat tour packages from Islamabad, Karachi, Rawalpindi & Lahore 2023 are affordable for all kinds of Tourists.

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