Gabin Jabba Swat:

Gabin Jabba is a beautiful meadow located in Swat (approx. 70km from Mingora). One can travel upto Lalkoo in car/jeep. Recommended to hire car from mingora with local driver as last 10 km track is under construction and very difficult. And then there is hiking of around 3 hours. Track is medium in first hour and then difficult onward as tough/steep hiking trail start onward and take around 3 hours in total to reach on top in Gabeen Jabba meadows. On top, there is a beautiful meadow and camping site and pods also available for stay.

To the north of Gabin Jabba, the village of Lalko serves as a gateway to the region. Which is carefully connected with the area. A four-wheel drive vehicle is needed to access it. It is the first settlement you encounter on your way to Gabeen Jabba. Additionally, it hosts the base camp for a path leading to the alpine glacial lakes of Daral and Saidgai.

How to Reach Gabin Jabba:

The Swat Motorway will take you to Mingora and you can follow these routes to get to Gabin Jabba from Mingora city. We have many Tourism Deals to visit this place.

First Route:

Traveling on N-95 (Bahrain Rd) through Mingora and Khwazakhela, follow the Bagh Deri Road to Lalkoo Rd (1 hour and 10 minutes / 39.1 km) to get to Gabin Jaba (50 minutes / 21.2 km).

Second Route:

You may also cross over the Swat River through Kanju. From the Airport Road, take Bagh Deri Road for 1 hour 15 minutes. Continue on Bagh Deri Road. To reach Gabeen Jabba, drive 43 minutes 17.7 kilometers to Lalkoo Rd.

There is little difference in distance between the two routes, however the primary route to Gabin Jabba is much more congested than the alternative route. Due to heavy traffic volume on both routes during peak tourist season, you may experience delay when visiting Swat. Check the season before visit the Gabin Jabba.

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