Skardu Tour Packages 2024 from Islamabad By Air

By Air Trip Package
Skardu Tour packages By Air Islamabad

5 Days Trip Package to Skardu Deosai By Air

5 Days 4 Nights

Standard & Deluxe Package

1 hour Direct flight to Skardu

Family Sightseeing Tour

All-Inclusive Travel Plan

FromPKR: 115,000PKR: 110,000
(1 Review)
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All-Pakistan Package
8 Days Hunza Skardu Trip package

8 Days Deosai Hunza Skardu Road Trip

8 Days 7 Nights

Standard & Deluxe Package

Gilgit Baltistan All Main Attractions

Jeep Safari to Deosai Plain

All-Inclusive Travel Plan

FromPKR: 35,000PKR: 32,500
(1 Review)
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Most Selling Package
Pakistan Skardu trip from Karachi

7 Days Skardu Himalaya Mountain Travel Package

4 Days 3 Nights

Standard & Deluxe Package

Explore all Main Attractions

Family Sightseeing Tour

All-Inclusive Travel Plan

FromPKR: 35,000PKR: 29,500
(1 Review)
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Cheap Tour Package
Skardu Trip from Karachi

7 Days Cultural Experience Package of Skardu Karachi

4 Days 3 Nights

Standard & Deluxe Package

Explore all Main Attractions

Family Sightseeing Tour

All-Inclusive Travel Plan

FromPKR: 30,000PKR: 26,000
(1 Review)
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Adventure Package
Skardu Fairy Meadows Tour Package

8 Days Skardu & Fairy Meadows Expedition Package

4 Days 3 Nights

Standard & Deluxe Package

Explore all Main Attractions

Family Sightseeing Tour

All-Inclusive Travel Plan

FromPKR: 155,000PKR: 135,000
(1 Review)
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By Air Trip Package
skardu by air trip

5 Days Skardu Basho By Air Travel Package Lahore

4 Days 3 Nights

Standard & Deluxe Package

Explore all Main Attractions

Family Sightseeing Tour

All-Inclusive Travel Plan

FromPKR: 150,000PKR: 125,000
(1 Review)
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By Air Tour Package
Skardu holiday tour from Lahore

Skardu By Air Travel Family Tour Package (6D – 5N)

4 Days 3 Nights

Standard & Deluxe Package

Explore all Main Attractions

Family Sightseeing Tour

All-Inclusive Travel Plan

FromPKR: 155,000PKR: 145,000
(1 Review)
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By Air Tour Package
Couple trip to Skardu Pakistan

4 Days Skardu By Air Trip Package from Islamabad Lahore

4 Days 3 Nights

Standard & Deluxe Package

Explore all Main Attractions

Family Sightseeing Tour

All-Inclusive Travel Plan

FromPKR: 105,000PKR: 102,000
(1 Review)
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By Air Tour
Hunza Skardu 7 Days By Air Tour

Hunza Skardu Pakistan By Air Tour from Islamabad

4 Days 3 Nights

Standard & Deluxe Package

Explore all Main Attractions

Family Sightseeing Tour

All-Inclusive Travel Plan

FromPKR: 190,000PKR: 180,000
(1 Review)
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Skardu Valley Tour Packages

Skardu Valley Tour

7 Days Skardu Deosai Tour Package from Lahore

Skardu Vacation Package

5 Days Skardu by Air Holiday Package from Islamabad

Skardu Trip Package

6 Days Skardu Luxury Tour Package from Karachi

Skardu trip by air

7 Days Skardu Trip Package from Lahore Islamabad

Skardu tour package by air

4 Days Skardu Travel Package By Air from Islamabad

Trip Package to Northern Pakistan Areas

9 Days Hunza Skardu Vacation Package

Gilgit Baltistan Tour package

10 Days Gilgit Baltistan Pakistan Adventure Tour Package

Hunza Skardu Holiday Package from Islamabad

8 Days Hunza Skardu Holiday Package from Lahore

Skardu Travel Package

9 Days Skardu Pakistan Tour Package from Islamabad

Skardu Tour Packages from Lahore

8 Days Luxury Skardu Holiday Trip Package

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Skardu Tour Packages from Islamabad 2024 By Air Trips:

We are pleased to announce Skardu By Air Tour Packages from Islamabad. We will cover all the main attractions of Skardu valley in these vacation packages. It will take 12 hours if you travel by road from Islamabad to direct Skardu. Flight trips duration is about 1 hour and 15 minutes one side. Usually, we offer best family and friends vacation tours from Islamabad to Skardu. In Skardu holiday package, you will explore Deosai Plane, Shigar, Khaplu, Basho Meadows, Katpana Cold Desert, Organic Village, Shangrilla Resort, and many more.

Secondly, there is a difference between flight times from Islamabad to Skardu during the weekdays and on weekends. Moreover, in trip of 7 days Skardu tour we will explore all the major tourists attractions of Skardu like Shangrilla, Kachura Lake, Deosai Palin, Manthoka Waterfall, Katpana cold desert, Khaplu and many more attractive places. You can choose your days & dates according to your budgets and comfort for Skardu Trips & Tours from Islamabad.

Shigar Valley Skardu Day Tours:

Among the many activities you can do in the snow-topped Shigar Valley are trekking, pony riding, day picnics, and sledding in the snow. Nothing is more idyllic than a day spent lazing around with loved ones in the lush greenery of the valley and taking advantage of the dense vegetation. Shigar Valley Trips is a beautiful place peacefully in the northeast of Skardu within a 2 – 3 hours road drive. Whether it is the beautiful scenery or the calm Shigar River, tourists love spending their time here at night stay.

Photography at Mantokha Waterfall:

Mantokha Waterfall is one of the largest and longest waterfall of Skardu Valley. Few minutes walk will take you this beautiful waterfall along its stream water. During the monsoon season, the Mantokha Tour Packages Falls are at their most stunning and captivating. We are lucky to have such a spectacular waterfall nearby. This waterfall is situated southeast of Skardu on the way to Shigar Valley. It is almost an hour from the main Skardu city, with a perfect route. The way to Manthoka Waterfall is filled with lush green forests and beautiful mountainous landscapes. The waterfall is approximately 180 feet high, and therefore, the waterfall is glorious.

Lower Kachura Lake Experience:

A major offbeat tourist destination in Gilgit Baltistan, it is the base camp for trips to K-2. Notably, The Alpine touch, the hazy weather, and the perpetual snowfall make this valley look even more beautiful in the winter. Many beautiful resorts are situated on the bank of this lake with different price ranges and scenic views from each room. This place is perfect for newly couples, families and kids to make memories and spend good time. This lake fall in the must visit places in our Skardu Vacations Packages 2024.

Jeep Ride to Deosai Plain Tour Packages:

A natural wonderland with an abundance of adventure, Deosai Plain is an ideal destination for nature lovers and thrill seekers. Enjoying the tranquility, you can explore the valley on foot or take a pony ride in this panoramic landscape. 3 – 4 hours off road jeep track will lead you the highest plain of the world. A trip to Skardu is complete with visiting the Deosai Plains in 4×4 Prados due to the off-road track. Being at an altitude of 14,000 feet, they are the second highest plateau in the world, known as the rooftop of the earth. In addition, the place’s height and beauty make it worth the visit under million stars at night. However, having a jeep & horse safari experience in Skardu is now commonplace. Deosai Plane Trips are available in the summer, so the best time to visit here is between June and August.

Enjoy Activities at Katpana Cold Desert:

The amazing treks at this location are thrilling experiences. The thrill of sliding through the mountain paths while surrounded by breathtaking natural beauty is unbeatable. It also provides skiing, heli-skiing, horse riding, wildlife, and bird-watching opportunities. The only desert will receive heavy snowfall every year and show duel faces to nature lovers.

Visit Ancient Khaplu Palace Getaways:

Poplar forests and snow-covered mountains surround the Khaplu Valley, a perfect tourist destination. Khaplu palace is one of the oldest fort in Khaplu valley 4 – 5 hours drive from Skardu main City. Traveler can visit with a complete day tour in any type of vehicle. The word peace and beauty resides in Khaplu Valley. At a distance of 113.4 km from Skardu, Khaplu Valley Trips has been attracting tourists worldwide to enjoy the moments of calmness. The valley boasts its rich culture and traditions. Moreover, the valley is famous for having several historical monuments. It is also famous for being one of the coldest places in Pakistan.

Trek Packages to Upper Kachura Lake:

Visiting the marvelous Skardu, the trekking land, comes with many beautiful destinations to explore. One of them includes Upper Kachura Lake Tour Packages, which is accessible in a few minutes of easy trek. This lake is perfect as the most beautiful tourist destination in Skardu tour packages 2024. Visiting this lake feels like a short trip to heaven in your lifetime experience. The beauty and the scenery of the place are beyond explanation.

Scenic Drive of Satpara Lake Tour Packages:

Satpara Lake is one of Pakistan’s most famous natural lakes to explore on the way to Deosai Plain. Like Upper Kachura Lake, this lake is famous for its natural attraction and scenery. Satpara Lake Tours Packages is approximately 7 – 8 km from the main Skardu City. Almost 30 minutes of driving will bring you to this place, which makes it one of Skardu’s most easily accessible places.

Sarfaranga Desert Activites Packages:

Skardu is famous for its wintry deserts with white & brown dunes. One of these deserts is the Sarfaranga Desert stretches in Shigar Valley. This Desert remains cold even during the summer season to attract many tourists. During winter, you can witness snowfall here and wondrous locations worldwide. Being close to the Shigar River, the weather here is pleasant all year round, perfect for Skardu Trip package from Islamabad. Unlike the conventional deserts, the Cold Desert Trips Desert has a view of a Shyok gushing river. Staying a night here is one of the best experiences to have at least once—many tourist camps and hotel accommodations in this Desert.

Shangri-La Lake & Resort Excursion Packages:

Shangri La Resort is hard to keep out when discussing the most famous places in Skardu. The place is one of the most luxurious places in Skardu and probably the most expensive. The resort is so big that it has Lower Shangrilla Lake Trips in it. The resort is one of the most famous tourist  destinations in Pakistan. Sitting in the greenest garden in Skardu trip is the best experience you will have.

Basho Meadows Tour Packages:

Apart from the beauty of nature, the valley is also famous for wildlife, flora, and fauna. The region has a high chance of snow leopards, markhor, deer, and ibex. Moreover, there are several beautiful sites you would love to visit on your trip to Basho Meadows Trips Skardu. These attractions include Basho Bridge, Basho Waterfall, Chocolate Rocks, and Basho Meadows.

Skardu Tour Plan

Tentative Itinerary

Day 1: Flight to Skardu from Islamabad Trip

  • Take flight from Islamabad to Skardu trip.
  • Reach Skardu after 1 hour 15 minutes by air travel from Islamabad. Short Trek of 20 minutes to upper Kachura Lake for boating adventure.
  • Move towards SOQ Valley.
  • Visit beautiful & incredible Shangrilla Lake for 1 hour.
  • Transfer to Hotel & Overnight stay in Skardu.

Day 2: Explore Khaplu - Manthoka Visit

  • Breakfast in Hotel & travel to breathtaking view of Khaplu day out trip.
  • Visit the elegant Manthoka Waterfall for 1.5 hours.
  • Drive towards 400-year-old Khaplu Palace with Mashaburam Peaks.
  • 20 minutes short trek to Chaqchan Mosque.
  • Drive back to Skardu Valley.
  • Overnight stay in Skardu Valley

Days 3: Jeep Ride to Deosai Plain (13,497 feet)

  • Breakfast from Hotel at 8:00am.
  • Transfer to Jeeps due to off road track.
  • Experience the spectacular beauty of Satpara Lake & Sheosar Lake.
  • Sightseeing photography at Deosai Plain for 4 hours with a cup of tea.
  • Short stays at picturesque Kala Pani & Bara Pani.
  • Drive back to Skardu.
  • Overnight stay in nice hotel.

Day 4: Drive to Shigar Valley - Cold Desert Skardu

  • Breakfast in hotel at 7:30am.
  • Travel towards scenic Katpana Cold Desert.
  • Experience the different thrilling activities at desert.
  • Visit Blind Lake for one hour or Basho Valley.
  • Passage through majestic Shyok River.
  • Discover the unexplored beauty of Shigar Valley sightseeing.
  • Enter into ancient Shigar fort & beautiful Royal Garden.
  • Drive back to Skardu.
  • Overnight stay in Skardu Valley nice hotel.

Day 5: Fly back travel Skardu to Islamabad

  • Breakfast from Hotel in early morning.
  • Transfer to Prado drop at Skardu Airport 90 minutes before the flight time.
  • Check into Airport.
  • Fly back to Islamabad.
  • End of services with beautiful journey memories & dreams.


frequently Asked Questions

What are the places to visit in Skardu?

  • Explore Skardu
  • Visit Manthoka Waterfall
  • Khaplu Valley Excursion
  • Discover Khaplu Palace with Local Guide
  • Drive to Shigar Valley in private transport
  • Travel to ancient Shigar Fort
  • Activities at Katpana Cold Desert
  • Shangrilla Lake short Trip
  • Upper Kachura Lake Boating
  • Sightseeing Stopover at Sadpara Lake
  • Photography at Sheosar Lake
  • Jeep Ride to Deosai Plain
  • Short Trek to Khurpacho Fort
  • Transfers to Best Hotels
  • Drive along majestic Shyok River
  • Direct PIA Flights to Skardu
  • Enjoy Organic & Historical Village
  • Interaction with local Culture
  • Photography at Best Points
  • Taste the Local Food in Skardu
  • More tourist destination waiting

What are best things to do in Skardu?

  • Excursion Swat Kalam Valley Trip
  • Explore the beauty of picturesque Swat
  • Chair lift ride at Malam Jabba visit (10 – 15 minutes)
  • Skiing at Malam Jabba Ski Resort (2804 m)
  • Shopping at spectacular Bahrain Market
  • Visit Madyan Valley en-route to Kalam
  • Stopover at breath-taking Fizaghat Swat
  • Discover dense green alluring Ushu Forest
  • Jeep ride to Mahudand Lake elevation (2,865 m)
  • Mataltan Waterfall incredible sightseeing
  • Travel experience along undulating Swat River
  • Visit & taste the delicious Trout Fish at Farm
  • Feeling lost among Sun-kissed Hindukush Mountains
  • View of highest Peak of Swat Falak Sar (5957 m)
  • Taste the sweet & juicy local organic fruits
  • Transfers to best & cozy hotels with scenic views
  • Comfortable & secure family transport trip to Swat
  • Many more awe-inspiring places & tourists destinations

How much does it cost to Skardu Tour?

Book 3 – 7 days to Skardu tour packages 2024 from Islamabad are Rs.31,000 – 35,000 (Skardu Tour Package) & 110,000 to 145,000 (Skardu by air package) Vacation Trips. Moreover, Skardu group tour packages will cost you Rs.32,500 to 18,500 (7-day Skardu tour package) with all tourist attractions. Skardu tour packages are Rs.33,500 to 44,500 per person package price with (8-day Skardu Hunza tour package) in group vacation trips.

What are the best Skardu Tour Packages?

  • Shangrilla Lake Trips
  • Deosai Plane Trips
  • Basho Meadows Trips
  • Cold Desert Trips
  • Shigar Valley Trips
  • Khaplu Valley Trips