Baboon Valley

Baboon Top – Baboon Valley – Azad Kashmir

Baboon top Neelum Valley is located at the elevation of 12700 feet from sea level on the upper side of Keran and Jagran valley. The Baboon Valley’s height makes it a lush green and untouched valley. The Road ahead of Kutton waterfall leads to it, and jeeps can reach there in 3 hours from Kundal Shahi or Keran side.

Many tents and hotels are available in Kalka village and domelian Village on the Keran valley side, and the Jagran side, are in Shaal and Ghural villages. The total from Muzaffarabad to Baboon from the Jagran side is 98 km. The Road ends at Kunian village, where we hike for 2:30 min to reach Baboon Top Jugshai Gali, some 12600 feet at altitude.


Karkah is a beautiful lush Green village surrounding thick forests. You can see a few waterfalls and a stream here. A small Market is available here for basic food items. Currently, hotels are not available there.


Twenty minutes jeep derive from karkah. A sub valley between Jabri and karkah village has a thick forest with lots of water channels from Jabri behak.

Kandor Stadium:

Fifteen minutes jeep derive ahead of domaili. A beautiful ground in Jungle. Here you can avail yourself of shelter food for a night stay or camping. Teams from other parts of Neelum Kashmir, even from other areas of Pakistan, annually come here to participate in tournaments. You can spend a night in their camps. Baboon Valley is also included in Must Visit Places in Azad Kashmir.

Jabri behak:

A mesmerizing meadow surrounded by snow-covered peaks and the famous Ganja peak, 13200 feet asl here, you can camp anywhere. No shop or food available in the jeep can easily go up to this place in normal weather. We have done this on foot due to the slippery trek after rain. Baboon behak is 1-hour hike ahead of this Jabri Behak. You can reach Baboon from the Kutton Jagran side as well Road was completed Last year.

Jeep charges are not currently fixed; we paid 2000 on a public jeep for a round trip (200 on one side up to karkah and 1200 extra for Jabri. Paid 10,000 for a round trip up to Jabri with a night stay. So it depends on your bargaining skill 😉

Most reasonable formula. Book your seat on a public jeep from Athmuqam. It will drop you at Karkah. You can hike approx 3 hours up to Jabri and 1 hour from Jabri to Baboon.

Public jeep timing: 12,1,2 from Athmuqam



8:00 from karkah to Athmuqam

If you have 8 or more persons than

8000 is reasonable for hiring a jeep.

Baboon Top Valley Track Route:

A 4 x 4 trek starts from Nagdar Nala, a few km ahead of Keran leads to karkah village (1:30).

From Kutton’s side:

Kutton to Jagran to Khillun to Road End at Khillun to 3 Hours Hiking to Baboon Top

From Keran’s side:

Keran to Nagdar to Jeep Track to Jabri Meadows to 2-Hour Hiking to Baboon Top

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