Things to Carry while Travelling to Northern Areas

Things to Carry while Travelling Northern Areas of Pakistan:

The minute the first refreshing gust of summer breeze makes contact, a vast number of people across the country begin organizing travel plans to the mystical north. The enchanting green meadows and the beautiful mountain tops await the presence of those seeking a little adventure as well as relaxation. Amidst the frenzy of planning along with the excitement, many seem to forget crucial items that must be packed when you are travelling north. While the northern areas are perfectly safe with convenience stores at every corner, it is important to have your own things. Travel packing Essentials are must for Pakistan Trip and things to carry while travelling to northern areas of Pakistan.

First-timers tend to struggle with figuring out what essentials are vital to carry on your first hike; however, it can be difficult if you have done it before, too. The requirements vary regardless of the journey, but a few things that prove critical and always come in handy wherever you go are personal hygiene products such as sanitizer, wipes and lotions, all of which can easily be acquired through online pharmacies.

What to Pack or things to carry for Northern Pakistan Trip:

A very important question is What to Pack for Pakistan Trip? The requirements will vary greatly, depending on the conditions. The weather, duration of the trip, the hike’s difficulty, and the location are vital in determining the exact items you need to pack. Furthermore, similar questions arise. For example, will you be hiking near busy roads and other areas near civilization, or will you be in the wild? Will any furry friends accompany you during your hike?

Overpacking is one of the most common mistakes that occur during the trips of first-timers. Nothing proves to be more annoying than carrying a heavy backpack on your hike. This is why you need to make sure you are only carrying essentials on such a trip. Use the checklist given below as a starting point, then adapt and modify the list as you gain more experience as well as confidence.

Hiking Checklist in things to carry:

  • 1 Hiking backpack
  • Clothing that is weather-appropriate (such as layers)
  • Hiking Boots (or shoes)
  • Nutritious, lightweight food
  • Bottled Water
  • Navigation tools (a map and a compass)
  • Mini first-aid kit
  • Pocket Knife or multi-tool

Be Smart – Clothing

First of all, clothes. This greatly depends on the climate of the region you will be travelling to. As a good rule of thumb, it is significantly better to pack in layers. The weather does dictate what kind of overlays you must pack; however, the north’s weather remains unpredictable most of the time. You never know when it will rain or when a blazing sun will shine upon your tight coat cladded body.

In other words, instead of picking one heavily warm coat or jacket, pack a few thin but warm articles of clothing that you can wear or take off according to the weather. Here are the essentials in terms of clothing:

  • Base layer:

Start with a thermoplastic polymer long underwear for warmth.

  • Outer layer:

A windbreaker (moderate temperature) or a parka.

  • Extra socks:

Pack an extra pair of wool socks.

  • Heat/Beanie and Gloves:

Choose a hat that protects you from the sun while keeping you warm. Thin gloves with a good grip are ideal for hiking and trekking.

  • Shirt or Sweater
  • Pajamas

Burning Calories – Food

As we know, hiking burns a ton of calories. Thus, carrying nutritious snacks that are filling as well is essential. Pack some nuts, dried fruits and energy bars.

Here is a basic guide to packing when it comes to food:

  • Three Meals

It is advised to take 2 cook able meals – one for breakfast and the other for dinner. You can feast on a cold meal for lunch. However, do not fret if you are unable to carry this many meals, as you will come across several outdoor supply stores where you will be able to find ready-to-eat meals.

  • Keep snackin’!

We encourage you to pack nutritious snacks, but a few sweet treats won’t hurt.

  • Utensils

This is purely optional as you can use your hands too. (after sanitising or thoroughly washing them)

  • Warm drinks

If you are a tea or coffee enthusiast, grab a travel mug, and you are ready to go.

Stay Hydrated – Water

Hiking and trekking are extremely dehydrating activities to perform. It is vital to carry plenty of water to stay hydrated throughout the hike – especially if it turns out to be an overnight hike. It is more important than food. There are 3 simple methods to carry water:

  • Carry as much water as you can in the form of water bottles or baggies. This will increase your weight load, but it is the safest option
  • Take a water purifier with you and rely on the water offered to you there.
  • You can buy water from supply stores that you come across.

Take Care of Yourself – Comfort Items

These comfort items refer to the little necessities that add extra care to your life. All of these serve a purpose and will feel like luxuries out there, so do not forget them!

  • SPF

Protection from the sun during a daytime hike is important.

  • Bandana

A bandana is a multi-purpose article. You can use it to cover your face, keep wispy hairpieces out of your face and even as a rag if required.

  • Biodegradable toilet paper

If you are icky with just using water out there, take some toilet paper to feel more comfortable.

  • Hand sanitizer/biodegradable soap

This can be regarded as optional, but due to COVID-19, it is better to carry it with you at all times.

  • Mask
  • First-aid supplies

Keep supplies with you at all times since anything can happen during a hike. It is better to be safe than sorry.

Final Word for things to carry while travelling to northern areas of Pakistan:

Making a plan and sticking to it is easy. The tough part is making sure everything goes right. But, if you have packed the absolute essentials, then that means you are prepared for anything and isn’t that the perfect attitude to have on trips like these?

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