Rama Meadows

Rama Meadows Astore Valley

The magnificent Rama Lake is located on top of the captivating Astore Valley in Gilgit-Baltistan. There are a number of beautiful lakes along the path from Astore to Rama. As it is 3300 m above sea level, it is an idyllic getaway for summer getaways, providing you with a chance to reconnect with  nature. Rama Lake Meadows are so beautiful.

Rama Meadows

A peaceful spot in the wilderness, the Rama meadows are located at the foot of Nanga Parbat to the south. Rama Lake is a 30 minute walk away, offering a breathtaking view of Nanga Parbat set amidst forests.

Snow covers the place for much of the year, making it difficult for people to cross. Although its beauty is outshining during the summer months, one cannot help but praise the Creator as they take it all  in. The Meadows offer many trails for trekkers and those who appreciate the beauty and  richness of nature. There is also a path leading to the East side of Nanga Parbat.

Rama Lake

In Gilgit Baltistan, Pakistan, Rama Meadows is located 11 km from the Astore valley. Rama meadows are accessible from Rama village via Jeeps. Villagers of Rama village are incredibly simple and  generous. Children are playing and enjoying themselves while their mothers work in potato fields. There is such a peaceful atmosphere at Rama Meadows.

Jeeps can be used to reach Rama Lake from Rama meadows. Rama Lake has a lot to offer. The summer months can be a perfect time to visit Rama Meadow since the weather is still chilly then.

On top of the valley, there is a lake called Rama Lake. Summer is the perfect time to visit here, as it is a natural paradise that connects a person with the natural world around them. We find peace in Rama meadows, despite the wild chaos all around us. It is easy to feel refreshed and relaxed when you look at the breathtaking views around you.

As the winter approaches, Rama meadows become covered in snow, which looks wonderful. There are so many beautiful things about this place, one cannot help but praise the Creator. The trail system is designed to satisfy the needs of hikers. It’s a dream to walk through the meadows. This place is popular for tourists to take pictures. An experience you won’t soon forget. Some of the hotels you can choose from if you are planning on visiting Rama meadows are Rama Green View Hotel,  Wazir Guest House Rama Astore, PTDC Motel Rama, and Kamran Hotel and Restaurant. Wazir Guest House Rama Astore has an average daily rate of 42 US Dollars. Rama meadows and beautiful Rama Lake are among the most amazing sights in the whole world, so do not miss the chance and plan your  trip soon.