Kumrat Valley Beautiful Famous Best Places to Visit in Kumrat Beauty

There are many Places to Visit in Kumrat Valley for nature lover. Here are the some most attractive beautiful and famous points of Kumrat Forest.

1. Thal Ancient Mosque

It is the gateway to the picturesque Kumrat valley in Upper Dir district that houses the centuries-old mosque of Thall. Attracting droves of tourists, this architectural marvel offers a unique experience. Jamia Masjid in Thall, built of wood and stones on the bank of the River Kumrat, is still in excellent condition. Mosques in the area say the mosque was built in the 19th century and destroyed in a fire in 1950.

During its construction, large wooden pillars were carried by the locals on their shoulders. The decorated mansion was decorated with different flowers and hand-crafted art, which added to its grandeur. There are two stories on the mosque’s building. The second floor of the mosque provides stunning views of green fields in the surrounding area. In addition, the crystal clear water of the River Kumrat is captivating. The mosque was said to be a masterpiece of architecture.

2. Kumrat Aabshaar

This abshaar located right in the mid of Kumrat Forest. Because it was not too far away when we first started our trip to Abshar. This place is easily accessible on foot and quite straight forward to reach. A breathtaking waterfall, crystal clear water far away from pollution, and such a peaceful place make this an ideal getaway. 

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3. Kala Chasma

Called Kala Chashma’ because of the black mountains, it is known as the black spring. Here, the vehicle stops thankfully, and I would say that here is where Kumrat valley begins. After a brief walk through the jungle, we followed gushing rivers and streams that came from distant mountains. According to the locals, we must travel a few days before we reach the Shandur valley in Chitral. 

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4. Do Janga

Three hour trek to Do Jagga (Do Jagga means two places, two treks). In the first trek, you go toward Shahzore Lake, a 9-hour walk. From Kalam valley, it is easier to access Kundol Lake on the second trek.

5. Kund Banda Meadows

6. Jahaz Banda Meadows

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