Nathia Gali:

Nathia Gali is easily one of the most popular tourist destinations in Pakistan. Many tourists visit this place every year. Nathiagali remain open throughout the year. But did you know how much this place and its surroundings have to offer to the tourists  🙂

Places to Visit in Nathia Gali Tourists Spots:

Nathiya Gali, Dunga Gali, Ayubia Pipeline Track,  Sumundar Katha Lake,  Mushkpuri Top

1- Dunga Gali to Ayubia Pipeline track: I call it honeymoon trek as it is easy 1 hour beautiful walk in the forests

2- Dunga Gali to Mushkpuri peak trek (Orange color): This is steeper apporach from Dunga Gali bazar to the top of Mukshpuri peak. Nathia Gali to Mushkpuri Top Distance is about

3- Nathyia Gali to Mukshpuri Top Trek: This is easier access to the Mushkpuri Top and right after 30 min or so, the Lalazar Wild Life Park that hosts local Tigers as well as snow Leapords. It takes around 2.5 – 3 hours till the top.

4- Nathyia Gali Market: Very famous for best food restaurants.

5- Children’s Park: It is near the famous church and popular spot for families

6- Gul Jee’s House: Famous artist’s another masterpiece in Nathiagali

7- Nathiyagali to Samundar Katha Lake: I call it honeymoon trek as it is easy 1 hour beautiful walk in the forests

Nathia Gali Road Conditions:

Carpeted Road throughout the Nathiya Gali from Lahore or Islamabad

Restaurants with Good Taste:  Sweet tooth, Blue Rock, Saddle Dining

Best Hotels in NathiaGali: Hotel Amore, Elite hotel, Lemon Lodges

Nathiagali Height and Altitude:

Nathia gali located At an elevation of 2,410 m (8,000 ft) from sea level. This hill station also known as the highest family picnic point in Galiyat. Check the temperature and season before visit this place. We also have many Visit Deals for Nathiya Gali

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