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Minimarg Permission | Rama Meadows Lake Pakistan

Until 1948, the Minimarg Domel Valley (2845 m) was an ancient trade route connecting Srinagar and Gilgit but became a hotly contested area between Pakistan and India. After that, all movement between the LOCs ceased. Pakistan received this territory after 1947 from our Gilgit-Baltistan Scouts. A second attempt was made in 1971, but India backed down. In addition to leading into Kargil, this valley is a shortcut to Bandipora valley in Kashmir on the one hand, and it is a choke point between Srinagar and Leh on the other. The Neelum valley is also accessible from here. Minimarg Domel

Minimarg Hotels:

There are no hotels to spend a night at Mini Marg Valley. To reach his subjects in Gilgit, the Maharaja used the nearby Kamri Das Pass (open year-round) since Burzil Pass (4100m) is only open in summer. In summer, Minimarg is a good destination for camping and cabin-in-the-woods lovers. It is about 540 km (17 hours) from Islamabad. Despite the hot summers, Minimarg remains cool at 10 0 C.

Taobat to Minimarg Valley Track/Trek:

An ancient route runs between Taobat Baala and Minimarg and to Astore, Skardu, and Gilgit. It was a trade and nomadic route throughout Kashmir’s history, joining Srinagar with Gilgit Agency, Chitral, and Afghanistan. It was closed for civilians in recent history following the partition and Indo-Pak wars in Kashmir. The highest point between Taobat and Minimarg is Kamri Top. It’s a very scenic route, but since it’s along the Line of Control (LoC) between Indian and Pakistani-administered Kashmir, it’s heavily militarized and is currently controlled by Pakistan Army.


It’s permanently closed for civilian crossing. Some folks have done it in the past, but that requires some heavy links in the army. Also, there’s no guarantee even if you secured the Permission. The army Choki (small settlement) might send you back from Kamri top. So, you won’t be able to enter Mapnuabad/Minimarg from there. It has happened with many in the past since you can’t send a signal to your permission source from Kamri Top.

Track via Astore to Minimarg:

The alternate route to enter Minimarg is from Astore to Chillum Choki. And then cross Burzil Top on a vehicle and descend into Minimarg. It, too, requires Army permission, but it’s relatively easier, and many people having friends or links in the army enter Minimarg. Camping is not allowed in Minimarg. So, you can only stay at the army mess, provided they have space there. Some army personnel isn’t visiting on those dates, so the mess is usually reserved. The map shows you the road because you selected the road/paved road option on the map.

Rainbow Lake Minimarg:

There is a crystal lake called Rainbow Lake located on the outskirts of the village of Domel, which is part of the faraway Minimarg Valley in Astor District. Its beauty doesn’t at all lack for its size. Mountain streams supply fresh water to the lake.

This picturesque lake is located in Gilgit-Baltistan’s Minimarg Astore valley. The landscape of this lake is open and wild, with lush green meadows surrounding it. It is considered one of the most beautiful lakes in the world. The stunning and lovely place becomes even more romantic under a gray sky. Lake is supposed to be home to wild trout, according to the legend of Domel. These lakes are fed by ice glaciers whose ice was still intact on the slopes of the mountains when these lakes were formed. It is 15 km away from Chillum checkpoint to Rainbow Lake. On your way through the forest, you will see rainbow lake huts on your right.

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How to get Minimarg Permission?

Go to the AC office at the start of Rama Road near Astor lorry depot for Minimarg Permission. Write a request on a simple piece of paper that so many of us have come for tourism and would like to visit Mani Marg, Domel Valley. Please issue NOC. This request was approved by signing Mr. AC’s CA and asking the clerk to type NOC. Type your bike/car number, ID card number, departure date, etc., carefully. The clerk will take out three copies, stamp them, and give them to you.

You must take those copies to Deosai Road, where the bazaar ends. There is a petrol pump in front of which there is a climb of 100 meters. From where the climb ends, go straight to the roadside army mess. Give the three copies to the young man at the gate of the Army Mess. He will make you wait outside for a while and then seal and return the two copies to you. One will keep it. Suppose you have written the date of the same day. Remember that it is allowed to go only to Chilam Chowki after one o’clock on that day and beyond Minimarg after 5 in the evening.

You should submit one of these two copies at the Chilam check post and cross the Burzil Pass to reach Minimerg. Domel and Rainbow Lake are a 40-minute drive from Minimarg. Minimarg offers hotels and food from Normal. You can also do night stays. If AC Sahib & Army Officer are present, the above process takes half an hour at most.

Rama Meadows Astore Valley

The magnificent Rama Lake is located on top of the captivating Astore Valley in Gilgit-Baltistan. There are several beautiful lakes along the path from Astore to Rama. As it is 3300 m above sea level, it is an idyllic getaway for summer getaways, providing a chance to reconnect with nature. Rama Lake Meadows is so beautiful and charming to the eyes.

Rama Meadows

A peaceful spot in the wilderness, the Rama meadows are located at the foot of Nanga Parbat to the south. Rama Lake is 30 minutes away, offering a breathtaking view of Nanga Parbat set amidst forests.

Snow covers the place for much of the year, making it difficult for people to cross. Although its beauty is outshining during the summer, one cannot help but praise the Creator as they take it all in. The Meadows offer many trails for trekkers and those who appreciate the beauty and richness of nature. There is also a path leading to the East side of Nanga Parbat.

Rama Lake

In Gilgit Baltistan, Pakistan, Rama Meadows has located 11 km from the Astore valley. Rama meadows are accessible from Rama village via Jeeps. The villagers of Rama village are incredibly simple and generous. Children are playing and enjoying themselves while their mothers work in potato fields. There is such a peaceful atmosphere at Rama Meadows. Jeeps can be used to reach Rama Lake from Rama meadows. Rama Lake has a lot to offer. The summer months can be a perfect time to visit Rama Meadow since the weather is still chilly then.
On top of the valley, there is a lake called Rama Lake. Summer is the perfect time to visit here, as it is a natural paradise that connects person with the natural world around them. We find peace in Rama meadows, despite the wild chaos around us. It is easy to feel refreshed and relaxed when looking at the breathtaking views.

As the winter approaches, Rama meadows become covered in snow, which looks wonderful. There are so many beautiful things about this place one cannot help but praise the Creator. The trail system is designed to satisfy the needs of hikers. It’s a dream to walk through the meadows. This place is popular for tourists to take pictures. An experience you will remember. Some hotels you can choose from if you are planning on visiting Rama meadows are Rama Green View Hotel, Wazir Guest House Rama Astore, PTDC Motel Rama, and Kamran Hotel and Restaurant. Wazir Guest House Rama Astore has an average daily rate of 42 US Dollars. Rama meadows and beautiful Rama Lake are among the most amazing sights in the whole world, so do not miss the chance and plan your trip soon.