Saral Lake Trek

Saral Lake:

Saral Lake is located in Neelum Valley, in Pakistan’s Azad Kashmir, at an altitude of 13,600 feet (4,100 m). Seductive, Tantalizing, Captivating. The first glimpse of this valley from Saral Pass (4100 meters) was simply breathtaking & mesmerizing! Descending from the Saral top into an uninhabited & untouched valley till the lake was refreshing. As we came closer to the lake, it started growing on us both literally & metaphorically. As our mind was still busy processing the beauty & wilderness of the lake, the thought of crossing the very steep-looking Jabba-Gali Pass (on the mountain behind the lake) the next day gave us shivers. Joy, Anticipation, Fear, and Probably too many varied emotions were overwhelming for us, but trekking in nature is all about exploring/rekindling these overwhelming emotions!

Saral Lake Location and Map:

Nestled in the Gumut National Park, this little-known lake is a hidden gem. This secluded lake in Neelam Valley, Azad Kashmir, Pakistan, offers stunning views you’ll never forget throughout your life. A truly spellbinding sight to behold, Seral Lake stuns with its aquamarine and otherworldly waters. In addition, the pristine waters hold the reflection of the snow-frosted, lush green mountains in the backdrop, which adds to the picturesque display.
The best time to visit Saral Lake is during the last days of June, the entire month of July, and the first week of August. When nature awakens, with lambs & wild horses bouncing around the lush green fields and wildflowers blooming at their best & the earth seems to have come to life again.

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Saral Lake Trek Routes:

There are three different hiking routes to access to the Lake;
i) Jalkhand to Saral Gali (Jalkhand Sharda Road) on a Jeep; Saral Gali to Saral Top & finally, from Saral Top to the picturesque Lake; & return back to Besal via Dudipatsar Lake. Noori top jeep track 2 hours drive – drop midway- from there a track going left, it’s a 6 hours hike through Saral Gali
ii) Basal to Mulla Ki Basti; Mulla Ki Basti to Dudipatsar Lake; Dudipatsar to Saral Pass; from Saral Pass to Saral Top & finally from Saral Top to the Saral Lake & Return back to Saral Top, from Saral Top to Seral Gali & lastly, from Saral Gali to Jalkhand (Jalkhand Sharda Road) via Jeep. Mulla ki Basti 8 hours hike – Saral Pass -Saral Lake 4 hours
iii) Sharda to Noori Top via Sharda-Jalkhand road on Jeep; hiking from Noori Top to Saral Top & finally, from Saral Top to Saral Lake.
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Saral and Dudipatsar Lake in One Go:

We started hike from Dudipatsar Lake and its take 2 hours to reach Saral pass and then two more hours to lake.

Day 1: Reach Jalkhand hired potters and jeeps from there till Lalian ki basti. Night camp at Lalian ki basti

Day 2: started over trek at 8 AM. It is very demanding to ascend to the top (the top name needs to be clarified; some say seral top, and some say it is part of Noori Top). We reached the top around noon and then, from there, started to descend toward Saral lake. After 2 to 2.5 hours, you will reach the point from where it took this pic. More than 2 to 3 hours descending is required to the lake. We camped at this point. Visited Saral and went back to camps around 7:30.

That’s it if you want to go till Lake and you can came back from same route but in our plan we have Dudipatsar lake too

Day 3: We started our trek towards Dudipatsar Lake to Saral Lake again, a demanding ascend on Saral Pass, then a very steep and technical descending into Lulusar and Dudipatsar National Park. We trekked till the lake reached around 12, visited the lake, and trekked back to Mula ki Basti, which is around 6 km away from Dudipatsar Lake.

Day 4: Trek from Mulla Basti to basal around 12km; trek mostly meadows, but at the end, there are some ascends and descends. Also, in this season, as glaciers are melting, so you have to cross the Purbinar stream from two places. Potters helped us to cross that quite easily. Check the climate and season before visiting this place.

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There is no signal no tent camp. Once can come back to Mulla ki Basti if one leaves really early and don’t mind spending a small time on the lake.

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