Dudipatsar Lake Trek – National Park Naran

Dudipatsar Lake location in Upper Kaghan Valley. The word “DUDI” derive from milk means white, “pat” means mountains and “SAR” means Lake. The lake is so named because of the milky white color of the mountains surrounding this lake. The lake had an abundance of trout, but illegal fishing with dynamite and nets resulted in a sharp fish population decline. It is advised to not track it in snow, as it is an avalanche prone area.

Best Time to Visit:

The lake and park is accessible for four months of the year from June till late September. In the summer, when the mirror-like water reflects the scenery, visitors from different regions of the country and from abroad travel to enjoy the enchanting views.

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Dudipatsar Lake Trek:

The trail heading for Dudipatsar is located at Besal, which is about at 2 hours drive from Naran. The road is accessible by cars and motorbikes. From Besal onwards, visitors trek in vast alpine meadows amid beautiful glaciers to reach Mullah Basti, a campsite route to the lake. It’s an easy to Dudipatsar Lake Trek is moderate level hike of 6-7 hours time depending upon one’s fitness level. A relatively comfortable and almost straight trek of around 2 hours further from Mullah ka Basti takes one to this gorgeous alpine lake.

Doli Crossing at Kunhar River for Dudipatsar Lake.

dudipatsar lake trek

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Dudipatsar Lake Trek / Track:

Mid-June through mid-September is the only time the lake is open. During the trek, visitors from across the country feast their eyes on the enchanting views reflected in the mirrored water. The last accessible spot for any type of vehicle is Besal, which can be reached by taking a car or renting one from Naran. To reach Dudipatsar Lake Trip Tour, one must trek for 7 hours through vast alpine meadows. Approximately 5 hours from the starting point lies Mulla Basti, a good place for a night’s stay. So, Dudipatsar lake is reached after a two-hour trek. Despite its length, to access the trek, you walk through lush green meadows and lesser steep mountains.

At an elevation of 3,800 meters height, the lake’s water has a beautiful greenish blue color and is extremely cold. In the shady dales, you’ll find snow patches on the surrounding mountains. Wild populations are found in the Western Himalayan shrub and meadow ecoregion. So, it is of significant ecological significance for residents and migrating waterfowl to nest and breed on the lake.

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It is impossible to find hotels and restaurants even during the tour season. Tourists can rent tents, but there is a high risk involved given that the number of tents is unpredictable. So, there is no hotel or tuck shop near Lake Naran and campers must carry their food and supplies from Naran Valley.

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There are a lot of fisherman who love to fish for brown trout in Dudipatsar. So, you will need a fishing license and equipment to get a hold of some delicious trout. Fish populations in the lake declined sharply as a result of illegal fishing with dynamite and nets.

Walking distance from Naran: 9.32 mi. – 15 km.

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