Shounter Valley

Shounter Valley Pass Azad Kashmir:

Ranges from Upper Neelum valley and it is reachable over a jeep track from Kel. The route remains open scarcely for a few months in a year. From Shounter valley which is convenient from the Shounter Pass, opens in the rim of Astore valley at Rattoo. As it is a base camp of the Sarwali Peak and Chitta Katha lake and the crossing point of the Shounter Pass into the Astore valley. The elevation of the Shounter Pass is almost 4,420 meters (14,501 feet) above sea level.

Shounter pass 14500 ft which connects Azad Kashmir to Gilgit Baltistan.

Shounter Lake / Spoon Lake:

Spoon Lake is a spoon shaped magnificent natural lake in Shounter Valley, Neelum, AJK. It is just beneath Hari Parbat (The mountain that never surrendered to anyone) and can be reached after a 3 hours 4×4 drive from Kel Bazaar. There are no hotels nor any good restaurant in this whole valley. Visitors must bring their camping gears and food items in case of long/night stay. For a while we were move spirally on this Nangi Mali Mountain.

At one place a town of Upper Domel was visible. As you move further than Upper Domel, Shounter Pass is also located at a height beyond Shounter Lake (Spoon Lake), on which lies the Rattu Valley of Gilgit Astore. From the Upper Domail a track emerges that leads to the Sarwali Peak Base Camp.

Shounter Lake is a gem of the Shounter valley and one of the high-peak lakes of the region. Its ascent is 10,200 feet (3,100 meters) above sea level. The source of the lake is the glacial water of the streams which are flowing from the nearby snowy mountain peaks. The lake is reachable from Kel in Neelum valley, by a jeep track.

Shounter Pass:

You can visit the Astore valley through Shounter Pass. This pass elevated 14500 ft from sea level which connects Azad Kashmir to Gilgit Baltistan. You can reach Astore valley through this pass. Kel to Shonter valley than to Shounter pass. level of that pass I must say its very tough it need proper training and its technical pass. Last 2 km of peak is very tough and descending is even more tough.

Shounter Pass Rattu

Shounter Valley Weather and Temperature

This valley only accessible in summer season. Harsh winter season and heavy snowfall will not allow you to reach there. Check the temperature and season before visit this place.

Shounter Valley Map and Location

This valley is located in Azad Kashmir and on the edge of Gilgit Baltistan.

Shounter Valley Height and Elevation

The elevation and altitude of this valley is 10,200 feet (3,100 meters) above sea level.

Shounter Valley Jeep Track

The track of Shounter village start from Kel village. Kel to Shounter valley Jeep fare price or rate is about Rs.5000 to Rs.6000.

Shounter Valley To Astore Story

One of the most adventurous and beautiful treks of our life.
From Rattu (Astore Valley, GB) to Kel (Neelum valley, AJK) through Shounter Pass!!
Trek time = 1.5 days (5 hours 4*4 Jeep) and 11 hours trekking, night stay camping in Shounter village.
It always seems impossible until it’s done.
A trek of one day from GB to Neelum Valley but many years passed, many treks were accomplished, many itineraries were documented but this trek remained just a dream for us! We reached Rattu, a gem of a place situated in Astore district, a very beautiful place indeed.
From Rattu, we had a 4*4 jeep ride till last village of Mir Malik. From there, we started our trek and through Shounter pass we reached Domail village after spending night in shouter village and then 4*4 Jeep ride to Kel, Neelum valley. After spending few days in Neelum valley and exploring surrounding areas we got back to Islamabad–Lahore.

Kel to Shounter Valley Distance:

2 to 3 hours Jeep Track from Kel to Shounter Valley. There is no hotels and accommodation facilities in this valley.