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During your stay in Kashmir, you experienced its beauty, greenery, and serenity. On your journey, you were surrounded by green trees and mountains along the banks of the Neelum River. Ratti Gali Lake is on of the beautiful lake of Azad Kashmir. On the way to Keran you will stop at the Dhani waterfall, a relatively small waterfall but with a lot of height, with cold water that felt refreshing in mildly hot climate. Beautiful green mountains surrounded the area, rivers flowing there, but its most striking feature was the boundary dividing the East and West of Kashmir. Neelum Valley to Ratti Gali Lake distance is about 55 km.

Ratti Gali Lake is in which Valley?

Where is Ratti Gali lake. This lake is wonderfully beautiful and famous freezing lake located in Neelum Valley of Azad Kashmir. The elevation of the lake or Ratti Gali Lake Height is 12,130 feet (3,697 meters) above sea level. The water source of the lake is the streams which are flowing from the neighboring glaciers. Melting of snow from the nearby mountains peaks. The lake is approachable through a bank and unpaved jeep track from Dowarian. Dowarian to Ratti Gali Lake distance is solely a 19 kilometers (12 miles) long track. later there is a hiking trek full of stunning and thrilling spectacle. Many Ratti Gali  Kashmir Tour Packages available with best services.

Dowarian to Ratti Gali Base Camp

A Jeep trek begins from Dowarian, which is the next stop from Keran. Dowarian drove for almost an hour to reach this incredible place, and that scenery was breathtaking because as one travels, the mountains grow more spectacular. Keran to Ratti Gali Lake distance is about 45km approximately.

Ratti Gali Lake Jeep Track Trek

Once you arrive at Dowarian, you can book a jeep to drive to the base camp of Ratti Galli Lake. Hiking or Trekking the 6-7 hours to the base camp is also possible, but we took jeeps instead. Thus, riding a jeep is bumpy, jumpy, and ultra-shaky, but it is a scenic, thrilling ride. Naran to Ratti Gali Lake distance is about 200 km through Muzaffarabad Garhi Habibullah Road.

If nature allowed, the ride could have caused multiple internal organs to have been divided as the shock of the bumps would have shaken your internal and external organs. In addition to the beautiful green surroundings of the ride, you will find a noisy and very fast flowing River Neelum that, at one point, turns into the liquid Milky Way.

How to Reach Lake?

You will reach the Ratti Gali Lake base camp after passing through small glaciers and numerous waterfalls. The scenery is breathtaking, surrounded by green. The mountain range has a lush green plateau filled with its low-height waterfall and stream. Despite many tourists, the base camp was somehow still and silent, and it absorbed you with its beauty like it has been waiting for you to come to admire it.

Ratti Gali Lake Base Camp

It’s 2 hours long and is relatively easy to reach Ratti Galli Lake, which is called the ‘jewel of Neelum Valley’ by locals. You can take a short break there for nearly an hour before continuing out. Although the trek becomes narrower at some points, it is generally straight except, like us, you may choose the wrong trek, which is used mainly by horses so you can see and interact with them.

A small lake could be seen on the left, almost halfway through the trek. Beautiful blue water comes from the Ratti Gali Lake, which shapes the lake. This Lake was the last stretch of the trip for us after the ‘Small Lake.’ While this portion is exhausting, keeping your breath in control and going slow and steady will help you ascend to the lake quickly.

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Best Time to Visit

End of July, August and September is the best month or best time to visit Ratti Gali Lake. A breathtaking sight, a place where you can stop, stare, and breathe it in. A brown mountain range encircles the lake, surrounding its calm glacial waters. The palms of the surrounding mountains seem to be holding the lake. Must be preserved those qualities of beauty, serenity, reverence, silent waves, and presence. As if an expert painter has placed his masterpiece on the lakefront to attract visitors with its mesmerizing effect.

Ratti Gali Lake

Ratti Gali Lake in Summer

Mountains surround the lake, which is reddish-brown, very steep, and makes it look like a wall. The right side of the lake has a painting of Queen Victoria painted on the wall with glacial snow on the surface. This throne represents the Mountain Throne of Lake. In the area surrounding her kingdom, where we entered, she sits in full glory and royal authority.

The Lake Ratti Gali is named after the Red Mountains surrounding it, and Ratta means red in the local language. It is the rightful place for this water beauty to sleep here; she owns and claims the place. Her highness can see through the clouds as if they were moving shades, letting the sunlight shine through when she wants.

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Ratti Gali Lake in Winter

The cold waters of Rati Gali were always at our disposal, eager to welcome us as our guests. Respectfully, without being disrespectful of her silence or dignity. Further, she is strong and impactful, she is likely to get annoyed if you make unnecessary noises.

You can sit on a rock, you feel small and vulnerable in that environment right by her bank. As you slowly realize, Ratti Gali is a royal city, and all you want to do is sit. If possible, listen quietly to her highness whispers, the inspiring tales she wishes to share with you. It was cold and windy that night at the base camp, while her-highness sent us the last greetings to take home to our hometowns where we would remember her while we went about our tedious work.

Ratti Gali Lake Jeep Charges / Rates / Fare:

The jeep fare from Dowarian to Ratti Gali base camp fare is around Rs.7000. 7 to 8 persons can get the ride in the Jeep.

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Road Condition and Route:

The Ratti Gali road condition from Keran to Dowarian is carpeted. Then from Dowarian to Ratti Galli basecamp is totally jeep track. Check the climate and season before visit this place. Ratti Gali lake trek time from base camp is about 1 hour one side.

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