Hunza Tour Packages 2022 | 3 5 7 Days Trips Plan

Hunza Valley Tour Packages 2022 are among of the most beautiful travel in Gilgit Baltistan. The Hunza is 700 km away with a total drive time of 12 – 14 hours through motorway. So, we have public or Hunza trip plan in group, online vacation & holiday packages all over the year. Firstly, we are pleased to announce from Islamabad & Karachi to Hunza family tour holiday and tourism packages. We offer 3, 6, 7, 5 days trip to Hunza valley vacation packages & Lahore or Islamabad to Hunza Tour Packages price is Rs.20,000 – Rs.24,500 PKR with 10% discount. Karachi to Hunza Valley trips package also available with less rates & low charges. So, it is recommended that the tourists join our road trip to visit Hunza Valley Tour Packages & Khunjerab Pass Tour Package 2022. Visit & explore Gilgit Hunza Tour Package with low price and in less cost. Drive through Karakoram Highway 8th wonder of the world.

We have put together the best Hunza tour packages for you on this page. One of the most beautiful valleys in Pakistan is Hunza Valley. I promise you; you will never see a sight like this anywhere else in the world. As the place assures Almighty God’s existence in the universe, it is the place of the presence of God. Hunza Valley enchants tourists every year during the Autumn and Spring seasons.

Gilgit Hunza Valley Travel Packages

Every person wants to embark on a trip to a distant place when it comes to getting away from their daily boring routines or lifestyles, and at the same time, they want to experience some adventure along the way. Below are some of the adventures and fun you will find in Hunza Family Tour Packages 2022. So what are you waiting for? Book your best plan today and bring some incredible experiences to your life. Hunza Valley has a wide variety of landscape magnificence, and now is the time to enjoy it. Weekly fixed departure of group tours as following:

5 Days Trip to Hunza Valley in November:

  • 4 Nights 5 Days Trip to Hunza Valley (3 to 8 November 2022)
  • 5 Days Tour to Hunza Valley (10 to 15 November 2022)
  • 4 Nights 5 Days Travel to Hunza Valley (17 to 22 November 2022)
  • 5 Days Hunza Valley Tour (24 to 29 November 2022)

Gilgit Hunza 5 Days Tour Package in December:

  • 5 Days Tour Packages to Hunza Valley (1 to 6 December 2022)
  • 4 Nights 5 Days Trip to Hunza Valley (8 to 13 December 2022)
  • 5 Days Tour to Hunza Trip (15 to 20 December 2022)
  • 4 Nights 5 Days Trip to Hunza Valley (22 to 27 December 2022)
  • 5 Days Trip to Hunza Valley (29 to 03 December 2022)

Hunza Valley Travel Packages in January 2023:

  • 5 Days Tour to Hunza Valley (5 to 10 January 2023)
  • 4 Nights 5 Days Trip to Hunza Valley (12 to 17 January 2023)
  • 5 Days vacation to Hunza Valley (19 to 24 January 2023)
  • 5 Days or 3 Days Trip to Hunza Valley (26 to 31 January 2023)

Gilgit Hunza Tour Packages 2022 Trips from Karachi:

  • 3 – 4 Days Tour package to Hunza Valley Rs.20,500 – Rs.28000 PKR
  • 4 – 5 Days Trip package to Gilgit Hunza Rs.28,500 – Rs.32500 PKR
  • 5 – 6 Days Tour package to Hunza Gilgit Rs.33,000 – 38,500 PKR
  • 6 – 7 Days travel package to Hunza Cost Rs.38,000 – Rs.45,000 PKR
  • 10% – 15% Discount Available – Contact Us 03100200200 Now

Hunza Tour Packages 2022 from Lahore Islamabad:

  • 3 – 4 Days Tour to Hunza Package Rs.20,000 – Rs.22000 PKR
  • 4 – 5 Days Trip to Hunza Gilgit Package Rs.22,500 – Rs.24500 PKR
  • 5 – 6 Days Tour to Hunza Package Charges Rs.25,000 – 28,000 PKR
  • 6 – 7 Days Vacation to Gilgit Hunza Package Rs.29,000 – Rs.32,500 PKR
  • 10% – 15% Discount Available – Contact Us 03100200200 Now

Places to visit in Family Trip to Hunza Packages

  • Explore Balakot
  • Enjoy Naran Tour
  • Experience of Kaghan Trip
  • Lulusar Lake Visit
  • Babusar Top Chill Experience
  • Travel to Jalkhand
  • River Rafting Kunhar
  • Kiwai Waterfall Stay
  • Saif ul Malook Jeep Safari
  • Karakoram Highway 8th Wonder
  • Rakaposhi View Point Stay
  • Old Silk Route Journey
  • 3 Mountains Junction Point
  • Hunza Valley Trip
  • Altit Fort (700 year old)
  • Baltit Fort (900 year old)
  • Hoper & Shisper Glaciers
  • Boating at Attabad Lake
  • Passu Peaks Sightseeing
  • Khunjerab Pass Excursion
  • Sunrise at Eagle Nest Duikar
  • Cross Hussaini Suspension Bridge
  • Shopping at Karimabad Bazar
  • Jeep Ride to Naltar Valley
  • Short Trek to Naltar Lakes
  • Skiing at Naltar Slope in Winter
  • Taste of Glacier Breeze

Gilgit Hunza Valley Tour Packages Trip Cost 2022

  • Hunza Trip Cost from Lahore Rs.22,500 PKR Price
  • Rs.5,000 extra (Couple Charges Rs.49,000 PKR)
  • Gilgit Hunza Valley Packages Cost from Islamabad Rs.22,000
  • 3 to 9 years kids Cost Rs.11000 PKR Expenses
  • Karachi to Hunza Tour Package Rs.28,000 PKR price
  • Hunza Valley Trip Cost from Rawalpindi Rs.22,000 charges
  • Islamabad to Gilgit Baltistan  Hunza Travel Package Rs.22,000 PKR
Hunza Valley Tour Packages 2022-2023Days / NightsStarting Price
Hunza Tour Package from Karachi8 Days / 7 NightsRs.38500
Gilgit Hunza Valley Vacation Packages6 Days / 5 NightsRs.52500
Hunza Naran Valley Trip Package4 Days / 3 NightsRs.37500
Hunza Gilgit Travel Packages - Karachi5 Days / 4 NightsRs.75500
Hunza By Air Tour Package5 Days / 4 NightsRs.48500

How to Book Hunza Tour Packages

If you want to customize your private tour according to your days, destinations, budget or dates. Kindly click on the following link and fill the form. So, What are you waiting for. Contact with us in order to book your memorable tour under the signature of Nature Adventure Club. 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 day trip plan for Hunza Valley according to your desire.

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Services Included

  • Luxury Air Conditioned Transport
  • 2 Times Quality Meal (Breakfast + Dinner)
  • Bonfire & BBQ
  • Basic First Aid
  • Driver Expenses & Others
  • Fuel Tolls etc.…
  • Services of Hunza Valley Travel Guide
  • 4 Night Stays at Hotels

Travel to Gilgit Hunza Tour Packages Trip Plan 2022

0 Day: From Lahore to Hunza Valley Tour

  • Departure for Hunza Trip from Lahore at 10:00pm
  • Night Travel to Chillas
  • Karachi people join us from Lahore or Islamabad
  • Take train or aeroplanes to reach here & also arrange on demand

1 Day: Travel to Hunza Valley from Islamabad

  • Pick up from Islamabad at 3:00am
  • Breakfast on the way to Hunza Travel at 8:00am
  • Drive towards Chillas / Naran / Besham
  • Short refreshment stays en-route to Chillas
  • Reach Chillas & transfer to hotel – check in
  • Dinner and overnight stay at Chillas/Naran

2 Days: Chillas to Gilgit Hunza Tour

  • Breakfast in Hunza 8:30 am & Departure for Gilgit Hunza Trip
  • 5 hours drive to Hunza from Chillas en-route Karakoram Highway
  • Short stay at Rakaposhi View Point
  • Visit Altit Fort (700 year old) or Baltit Fort (900 years old) Hunza
  • Explore Karimabad Market at night
  • Drive back to hotel and transfer
  • Dinner & overnight stay in Hunza

3 Day: Trip to Hunza Valley – Khunjerab Pass

  • Breakfast in the Hotel at 7:30 am
  • Departure for Khunjerab Pass
  • Visit Attabad Lake
  • Sightseeing Passu (Cathedral Peaks) & Shispar Peak & Glaciers View
  • Explore & Shopping at Sost
  • Visit Khunjerab Pass (4700 m – 15400 feet)
  • Trek to Hussaini Suspension Bridge
  • Dinner & Overnight stay in Hunza

4 Days: Hunza Valley to Naran / Chillas Travel

  • Breakfast at Hotel 8:00 am
  • Departure for Chillas/Naran 9:00 am
  • Reach Nomal & transfer To Jeeps For Naltar Valley (Optional)
  • Back To Nomal after explore Naltar Valley
  • Short trek of 30 minutes to Naltar Lakes
  • Arrival at Chillas/Naran at night & transfer to hotel
  • Dinner & Night Stay in Chillas/Naran

5 Days: Trip to Hunza Ending

  • Breakfast at 8:00 am
  • Travel back to Home 9:00 am.
  • Short refreshment stays on the way
  • Reach Islamabad in evening
  • Arrival at Lahore at night
  • End of Services

Hunza Valley Travel Packages 2022

During the year 2022, we are pleased to offer Hunza tours in our Hunza tour packages. Additionally, Our Hunza valley tour packages feature many top-notch services, including transportation, accommodation, breakfasts, and guiding. We have 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 day trip for Hunza Valley.

Hunza Honeymoon

Hunza Tour Packages 2022 From Islamabad, Rawalpindi

Compared to our competitors’ Hunza valley tour packages, ours are the most affordable and cheap. Historically, we have been providing excellent tour & holiday to Hunza from Islamabad and Rawalpindi. In addition, we offer great services to tourists seeking Lahore to Hunza tour vacation packages. Moreover, Check out our Trip to visit Hunza from Islamabad and choose the right one for you. Traveling alone, journey with your family trip to Hunza, or on your Hunza honeymoon is always an enjoyable experience.

Hunza Valley Tour Packages
Couple on Hunza Trip

Hunza Trip from Lahore Karachi Islamabad 2022

Additionally, You may choose to go to Hunza tour for your honeymoon if you are newlyweds. We have the best honeymoon tour packages in Hunza for you. So, We are a click away from You. So, NAC prides itself on having a long history of family trips to Hunza. Hundreds of satisfied customers have taken our Hunza family tour packages and eagerly rebooked our Hunza family tourism packages. Moreover, Our guests who want to take Hunza family tours know that they can trust us because of this. Today, you can save even more money with our Hunza family trip package and get discounts and other offers in Trip to Hunza from Lahore.

Trip to Hunza Valley from Lahore
Happy faces at Khunjerab Pass – Hunza Valley Tour

Family Trip To Hunza – Hunza Family Tour Packages

Depending on your interests, we offer a variety of Hunza valley tour packages. Additionally, Your Hunza trips can be customized according to your preferences and comfort level. So, Nature Adventure Club gives you the option of designing your own Hunza tour & travel package for your memorable excursion. Hunza Gilgit Baltistan tour packages is the best destination for family and kids excursion & holidays.

Hunza Valley Family Package from Islamabad
Family Enjoying at Passu Peaks in Hunza Trip Package

Tour Packages of  Hunza and Gilgit

Our Hunza tour packages 2022 offer travelers the best way to explore Hunza Valley tours plan. Additionally, Hunza Valley trip plan in Gilgit under the shadows of the Mighty mountains. Moreover, Hunza Valley lies in northern Pakistan at the edge of the Xinjiang region of China and the Wakhan Corridor of Afghanistan.

Karachi to Hunza Tour Package Plan
Faces with Precious Smile at Hunza Tour Package

Hunza Gilgit Travel Packages 2022

Hunza Valley has different seasons that change the colors of its marvelous landscape. There are some amazing views in Hunza Cherry Blossom, with white and pink flowers all around the valley. During the fall, the entire valley takes on a golden color. Additionally, by providing road infrastructure as well as transportation facilities. Karachi to Hunza valley tour 2022 packages is becoming more and more accessible. In summary, numerous tour operators across the country offer Hunza valley Vacations. Moreover, Nature Adventure Club stands out among all of them because of its superior travel management and guides for the Hunza valley trip.

Gilgit Hunza Tour Packages Family
Feel the Nature at Attabad Lake Hunza Travel Package

Hunza Tour Packages 2022 From Karachi

Hence, Hunza Tours Trips plan include a visit to this expedition as part of Trip to Hunza from Karachi. Furthermore, during a Hunza valley family tour, travelers can also trek towards the beautiful Ulter peak base camp. Besides Rakaposhi, Duran, and Golden Peaks (Sputnik), the fort has spectacular views in this excursion holidays. Additionally, this is an excellent destination for those who enjoy history and nature.

3, 4, 5, 6, 7 Days Trip to Hunza

Trip of Hunza Gilgit is incomplete without a visit to Borith Lake. This gorgeous lake is located in the upper Hunza valley in northern Pakistan at 8,200 feet (2,500 m). During Islamabad & Karachi to Hunza valley tour package 2022, tourists can reach this wonderfully scenic spot by Jeep about 2 km from Golchin village. Travelers can also hike for around an hour from the Golchin Glacier to Borith Lake in 3 Day Hunza trip plan. The famous mountain peaks include in 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 day trip to Hunza Tour Packages.

  1. Ladyfinger Peak 6300 m
  2. Bojohagur Duanasir 7329 m
  3. Ultar 7383 m
  4. Shispare 7631 m
  5. Sangemarmar Sar 6943 m
  6. Passu Sar 7478 m
  7. Batura 7795 m
  8. Rakaposhi 7788 m
  9. Diran Peak 7266 m
  10. Rush Peak 5098 m

Moreover, A visit to this beautiful lake is best enjoyed between March and June. On the other side, Islamabad & Karachi to Hunza tour package also provides the opportunity for bird-lovers to witness beautiful wildfowl. So, discover this amazing travel destination in Karachi & Islamabad to Hunza valley tour package. Additionally, early booking of Hunza valley tours package will get you a good discount.

Visit To Hunza Valley Travel Plan

Hunza Valley in Gilgit-Baltistan trips is an attractive destination not only for Pakistani people but also for foreign tourists. It is renowned not just for the sunny climate but also for the lastingness of its dwellers, which is a source of interest for many visitors. In addition to the notable temptations of Hunza Valley visit, there is always something exclusive that every tourist finds there for himself. It attracts visitors for its unalloyed significance and beautiful sea-green waters.

Languages Of Hunza Valley

  • Burushaski,
  • Wakhi
  • The trunk

Events of Hunza Valley

  • Thukhum Rezi Hunza Festival
  • Baba Ghundi Festival in Chupurson
  • Shimshal Kuch Festival
  • Chinese Hunza Festival

Baltit Fort and the adjacency of Karimabad are the major attractions for those visiting Hunza. The most noteworthy thing about Hunza is not just its heart-stopping beauty and sterile environment but the people who are the epitome of hard work and have a joyful personalities. Attabad Lake has added a new twist to the view over the last two years. 

Is Hunza Valley Safe & Sound?

Though the snowcapped mountains of Hunza are exquisite, the region’s people make your stay memorable. The minute you reach Hunza valley trip package, you feel like you have been transported to some foreign land since the behavior of the residents there differs from an average Pakistani. For example, the locals love to befriend visitors, and you are bound to encounter people who randomly start a conversation and invite you to their households. That’s what we call hospitality!

Shopping in Hunza

Whoever goes to Karimabad cannot resist the famous bazaar of the area no matter how hard they try! The bazaar has everything from handcrafted outfits and accessories to decoration pieces and from amazing shoes to musical instruments. Some of the items available are unique and a must-buy for all visitors. It includes jewelry made from stones that are available only in Hunza trip.

Food of Hunza Travel Pavilion

Food tastes different in every province of Pakistan due to the water and temperature of the areas. Since Hunza is famous for its fresh water, it is not a surprise the food here is delicious and digestible. Hunza has some local food you will never have anywhere else in the country. The region is also famous for its walnut, apricot, and Hunza tea. You can taste the food in family trip to Hunza Valley tour packages 2022.

  • Rainbow Restaurant
  • Yak Grills
  • Cafe De Hunza
  • Mountain Story
  • Pizza Pamir Hunza
  • Glacier Breeze Restaurant
  • Hunza Inn
  • Mountain Cup
  • Maizbaan Restaurant
  • Cafe Culture Hunza

Local Food Of Hunza To Taste in Hunza Tour Packages

  • Chapshur
  • Tumor Tea
  • Diram Rents
  • Go-Lee
  • Harissa
  • Return to Garma
  • Buttering Daudo
  • Fenugreek Soup

Where to Stay in Hunza Valley Trip

You can stay at Karimabad at a budgeted price with the best views of Rakaposhi and Diran Peak. Stay at Eagle Nest is next-level scenery where you can see all the surrounding peaks of Hunza Valley vacations. One can also stay at Attabad Lake, where many hotels and camp options are available. You can also stay at Gulmit near Passu in Upper Hunza to view Passu Peaks. The summer season (June to October) via Babusar is the best time for families and children. In summer, Hunza is crowded with many locals due to moderate weather. If you want to see the blends of Autumn Colors, then October and November is the best month with fewer crowds.

  • Altit Fort

There is an old fort above Karimabad in the Hunza Valley called Altit Fort. Hereditary rulers of the Hunza state were seated here under the title Mir. A former prince lived in Altit Fort around 1100 years ago. It now functions as a museum. The fort is a piece of art and architecture.
There are many settlements surrounding this fort and a royal garden. Rather than just being a location, Altit Fort is a living legacy that is constantly evolving. A cluster of older women wears traditional clothing, conversing with one another. The winter is a great time to use a swimming pool as a skating rink. There is something hypnotic and beautiful about the view from the Altit fort.

  • Baltit Fort

Baltit Fort is another fort in the Hunza Valley holidays and is a must-see tourist point. The fort’s foundations are thought to date back roughly 600 years. The structure has, however, undergone a series of rebuilds and adjustments throughout the centuries. Its wooden bay windows overlook the valley below, a Hunza landmark, perched high above Karimabad on giant legs. Today, the fort functions as the top of the Bazaar, from which you can enjoy mesmerizing views of the deep Hunza Valley family trips.

  • Attabad Lake

Attabad Lake is one of the most beautiful lakes in tour to Hunza Valley. Within the giant mountains of Karakoram, the crystal clear water attracts everyone. The colors of the spring season and charm are so beautiful. It attracts a large number of local and international tourists every year. In addition, the lake’s length is 13.5 miles, and its depth is over 360 feet approximately. Because of its breathtaking beauty, the lake is also considered one of Pakistan’s charming lakes. Attabad Lake has several high-end hotels and resorts like Horizon & FAMREE Resorts. Attabad Lake has luxury glamping resorts and Luxus Hunza Trip. It makes it convenient for families to visit and stay in a pleasant environment.

  • Passu Cones

It is the top sky-touching mountain in the region at 6,106 meters above sea level.  The Passu Cones are stunning natural features found in the Karakoram Mountain Ranges. They are called cones because their sharp peaks resemble cones. Hussaini Bridge is framed by Passu Cones, which creates a dreamlike atmosphere for pedestrians crossing. In this area, trekking and hiking are highly recommended. Passu Cones indeed make for a memorable trip.

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