Fruits Seasons of Hunza Valley

Fruits Seasons of Hunza Valley:

Spring Season in Hunza Valley starts from April onwards. Many fruit blossoms are blooming in this season. White Cherry, Apple, and Apricot blossoms make the valley more beautiful. Different types of fruits are grown in Hunza, the most common of which are apples, apricots, grapes, peaches, etc. Cherry and Apple are one of the most popular fruits of Hunza Valley.

Apples of Hunza

Apricots of Hunza:

It is estimated that there are over 52 varieties of apricots! Every apricot has a secret treasure inside its pit. The one thing I’ve always been taught to throw away is the pit. Once you crack the pit open, you’ll find an almond! Apricots are classified according to their purpose. Yummy fruit to eat fresh or dried and seeds in Hunza Valley. The seeds make tinctures, oils, and treats for the skin and jams; the bitter ones are used for jam. Highly beneficial internally and externally, this oil contains a high level of antioxidants. Apricots should not go to waste!
Trees are knocked down as they climb them. Every morning our family ritual is to pick up fruit and separate it into baskets. We pick up around 20 kilograms of fruit each morning! It has to be carried to their homes afterward. Around the group of women rumbles laughter and good spirits. The seeds & apricots are prepared so they can be dried naturally in the sun by the rooftops. The valley’s rooftops were carpeted with gold dots.

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