One Day Trip to Mushkpuri Top Tours

One Day Mushkpuri Tour Packages:

Mushkpuri is the second-highest hill in Galiyat. It is located in the Hills of Nathiagali in District Abbottabad, KPK. Trek to Mushkpuri Top is the second-highest hill of Galiyat on the Dunga Gali-Ayubia Track. It is also known as the pipeline track—a pipeline to supply water to Murree. Murree is Pakistan’s busiest hill station. During winter, a day trip to Mushkpuri Top Tours Package are Rs.5,500 – Rs.6,000 per person package price. Moreover, One of the top places where you can enjoy a great view. Many large trees are on the way up, which is a pleasure. Therefore, when visiting Mushkpuri, travelers can witness the snowfall. In addition to being beautiful, the snowcapped hills need to be respected by visitors. So, bring all the necessary traveling gear to ensure a safe trip to the top.

Mushkpuri Trekking from Lahore & Islamabad:

This track follows the pipeline from Donga Gali to Ayubia, 4 kilometers. So, Mushkpuri or Mushkpuri is a 2,800-metre-high (9,200 ft) mountain in the Nathiagali Hills in the Abbottabad District of the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa province in northern Pakistan. In addition, for more details and private tour Make My Trip. Check Weather of Mushkpuri before visit.

Firstly, Mushkpuri Top area is ideal for those who love to hike and travel. Galiyat is the highest peak in the area, located near Abbottabad. Approximately 2,800 meters above sea level, Mushkpuri trekking takes 3 hours, and you travel 9452 meters over that distance. In addition, You would assume trekking would be dangerous by hearing the word from Lahore and Islamabad.


Trip Itinerary


One Day Mushkpuri Top Trip Packages

10:00 pm Departure from Lahore
Night travel to Murree Dunga Gali
Short refreshment stays on the way


05:00 am Arrival at Islamabad
Move towards Mushkpuri Trip
Arrival at Dunga Gali
Breakfast stay at Donga Gali
Start Trek for Mushkpuri Top
3 – 4 hours trek from Dunga Gali
Descend from Nathia Gali side
Lunch at Nathia Gali or on the way to Islamabad
07:00 pm Move Back to Islamabad
12:30 am Travel Back to Lahore