Khanpur Dam

Khanpur Dam KPK – Best For Water Sports Activities:

Khanpur dam one of the most magnificent dams of Pakistan. Which is built over Haro River which originates from Abbottabad. Firstly, It is located near the countryside of Khanpur in KPK province approximately 50 km away from the Islamabad, on Taxila Haripur Road. In addition, This Lake was built in 1953 along with construction of Khanpur Dam Spillway which is 52 meters (170 feet) high and Khanpur dam area is up to 110,000, acre-feet of water. Moreover, Khanpur Dam was built during the era of President Ayyub Khan. The depth of Khanpur dam is 40 feet on some points not too deep. Khanpur dam water sports activities are very famous for adventure lovers.

Is Khanpur Dam Open Today?

Khanpur Dam current status or report is okay for activities. Yes there is no restrictions due to Covid-19 on Kanpur Dam Water Sports activities. For further updates or about Khanpur dam water level today and details Khanpur dam contact number or WhatsApp. 03100200200 before visit the Khanpur dam. Nature Adventure Club is the best Club in Khanpur Dam Adventure Club. We arrange Khanpur Dam tour trip from all over the Pakistan.

Khanpur Dam Tour Packages:

Mostly people asked about where is Khan Pur dam located. You can visit Khanpur Dam lake on Haripur road. Khanpur Dam on which river? So the guys khan poor dam located or constructed and build on the Haro river.

Best time to visit Khanpur Dam:

The best time to visit Khanpur dam is June to October as well as in winter. Summer is best season to kill the heat of hot days. Khanpur Lake is now become best picnic point or spot for nature lover and adventurer. Khanpur Dam Island is become the best picnic point in summer or winter.

How to reach Khanpur Dam View Point:

Capital City to Khanpur Dam location is about 52 kilometer via motorway. Abbottabad to Khanpur Dam viewpoint is 61 kilometer far away. Only 3 hours are needed to reach from Abbottabad to Khanpur Dam. We also arrange one or two day trip plan tour to Khanpur Dam Tour Packages on demand if you are a group.

Water Sports Activities:

There are many places near Things to do in Khanpur dam adventures lake for visit and different activities. Cliff Diving, Paragliding, Snorkeling, Jet Ski, Boating, Parasailing, Scuba Diving and many more. Water quality of Khanpur dam is so good. Khanpur dam fishing point is also a good option.

List of Khanpur Dam Water Sports ActivatesPer Head Prices
Jet Ski 800 ccRs.1700
Jet Ski 1800 ccRs.2000
Cliff Diving Small BoatRs.5500
Cliff Diving Big BoatRs.8500
Banana Boat / Sofa TubeRs.1700
Scuba DivingRs.9,000
Paragliding if 4 to 5 PersonsRs.6500

Khanpur Dam Pakistan Timings:

The Khanpur dam opening hours or Watersports activities Timing of Khanpur Dam is started 9am in morning to sunset 5:00 pm. Carpeted Road throughout the journey. Any type of vehicle easily can go through Khanpur Damn.

Price of Water Sports Activities Rates 2023:

There are many things to do at Khanpur dam with many attractions. We are the best Khanpur Dam Adventure Club to serve you in better ways. Many Khanpur Dam Watersports and tour trip activities packages are available. Skydiving & Scuba diving in Khanpur Dam activity launching soon at the dam.

ParasailingSofa TubeJet SkiWake Tube7500

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Paragliding in Pakistan Price Rates:

Khanpur dam paragliding height . Khanpur dam cliff diving height is about 10-15 feet if water level is high. If Khanpur dam water level is low than cliff jumping height is 20-25 feet. For Details and Booking just drop a message or WhatsApp or call on Khanpur Dam Activities Contact Number 03100200200.

Khanpur Dam Water Sports Prices:

  • Khanpur Dam Boating Charges: Price: Rs.5000 PKR
  • Rates of Khanpur Dam Ticket Price 2022 is Rs.100/- PKR
  • Khanpur Dam Cliff Diving or Cliff Jumping Charges and Swimming Rates: Price: depends on number of persons
  • Jet Ski or Jet Bike in Khanpur Dam Charges/Rates: Price: Rs.1500-2000 PKR per head
  • Khanpur dam archery is also available on pre advance booking
  • Fly Board: Price: Rs. 7000 for half an hour
  • Khanpur Dam Parasailing Charges: Price: Rs.4000 per head. Below Images rates are no more applicable.
Parasailing in Khanpur Dam
Parasailing in Khanpur Dam

Khanpur Dam Paragliding Charges: Price: Rs. 6000 if you are more than 5 persons.

Paragliding at Khanpur Dam
Paragliding at Khanpur Dam

Best Activities Deals: Price: Rs. 7500 updated rates. Add Rs.1000 in below image price. 6500+1000=Rs.7500 now

Parasailing and Jet ski at Khanpur Dam

Khanpur Dam Activities Booking Number: Call 03100200200

So What are you waiting for. Contact with us in order to book your memorable tour under the signature of Nature Adventure Club.

Best Hotels & Resorts in Khanpur Dam:

There are many resorts and hotels in Khan pur Dam. Adventure Resort is the best resort or lake view Hotel Khanpur dam for different water sports activities. Khanpur Dam Resort/Hotel Contact Number is 03100200200 for night stay at Khanpur dam. The resort is at prime location on Khanpur Dam. The other one is Mabali Resort Khan pure Dam serve you with best services. The night stay at this lake will always be memorable. Khanpur dam guest house also available for night stay at Khanpur dam.

  • Standard Room Rs.7500
  • Deluxe Room Rs.9500

Best Time to Visit Khanpur Dam:

Boating may be the right choice if you want to enjoy the water without getting wet. You can feel the cool water and air pass through you and the views of the entire dam. Plus you can enjoy this activity with a group of friends or your family. If you are a fan of swimming, snorkelling is for you. The activity uses a breathing tube and a diving mask to swim through water. 

Imagine snorkelling on a hot day! The cool water will not only cool you down but also help you relax. If you want to do something fun and daring, cliff diving should be on your list. Based on the water level, the cliff diving height can be from 10 feet to 25 feet. You are given a life jacket to float in the water and enjoy yourself with your friends.

Like any other water body, the Khanpur dam is ideal for summer visitors. Ideally, you should plan your visit from June to October, but if you want to visit the dam any other month, that’s also possible. 

In summer, the cool water will help you beat the heat, and water sports are also more enjoyable this season. The chilly wind and fishing, boating, and cliff diving will surely make your summers memorable.