Moola Chotok Tour Packages

Moola Chotok Trips:

For centuries, the Moola Gorge has been a popular route between the Kalat highlands and the fertile plains of Sindh. Which is a wide u-shaped, well-watered gorge. Moreover, it cuts clear across the otherwise unbroken barrier of the rugged and barren Khirthar Mountains. That provided a travel route that could be used by ancient wheeled traffic. So, we have 2 – 3 days travel to Moola Chotok Trip Package 2023 Tour from Karachi cost Rs.12000 – Rs.15000 per person. Usually, Khuzdar to Moola Chotok Transport for our valuable customers. So we have Moola Chotok Tour Packages 2023 for a lifetime experience.

Moola Chotok Trips from Karachi:

Additionally, we have collaborated with the Tourism department of Mola Chatak Khuzdar Balochistan Trip district to make it possible. Tour to Moola Chotok Trip Packages 2023 is Rs.14500/- (3-4 persons sharing) will take you from mountains, deep blue waters to the isolated gorge of Chotok travel. Further, it will be two days and a 2-night trip, including bonfires, music, sky lanterns, exploration, and much more. In addition, we have managed to celebrate new year’s night at the base camp of Moola Chotok Waterfalls. So, this trip is a 3rd Grade adventure trip and not suitable for kids under 15 years. Lastly, the trip is good for hardcore travelers and adventure lovers.

There is no doubt that it lies in the middle of nowhere. The gem is indeed buried deep within the Baluchistan wilderness. The Moola river cuts its way through the valley and flows throughout the year. Firstly, This hidden ravine lies 80 km from Khuzdar, in the middle of Baluchistan. Secondly, A paradise for adventure seekers, Moola Chotok Tour, is near the small village of Moola. Finally, Khuzdar is located northeast of Moola Chotok. A distance of 1237 meters separates Moola Chotok Travel from other nearby towns. There is nothing more beautiful than the gushing waters of a hot spring. Make My Trip


Trip Itinerary


Moola Chotok Trip from Karachi
10:30 pm Gathering at Chai Shai, Chota Bukhari Commercial, DHA


11:00 am Left Karachi to Moola Chotok Trip
01:30 am Refreshment at Winder – Tea Break
06:00 am Sunrise at Khuzdar
06:30 am Breakfast at Khuzdar Hotel (100 km)
08:30 am Get settled in 4wd for off-roading.
09:00 am Left Khuzdar
11:30 am Reached Kirk
02:30 pm Reached Moola Chotok Gorge.
03:30 pm Lunch
04:30 pm Explore de Moola Chotok Waterfalls.
07:00 pm Back to Base | Setup camps
07:30 pm Mesmerizing Sunset
08:00 pm Evening Tea
09:00 pm Dinner
10:00 pm Music
Star Gazing all night ….


06:00 am Wake up
06:30 am Sunrise and Yoga / Breakfast
07:00 am Waterfall Visit and Photography
08:00 am Back to base camp / Packing / Loading
09:00 am Left Moola Chutook
12:30 pm Break at Kirk for stretching
03:00 pm Lunch in Khuzdar
04:00 pm Left Khuzdar
11:30 pm Reached Karachi