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Toli Peer Rawalakot AJK Azad Kashmir

This hilltop is situated in the Poonch District of Azad Kashmir in the north-eastern part of Tehsil Rawalakot at 2,666m (8,418ft) above sea level. Toli Peer is a hill station situated in Rawalakot Tehsil, Poonch District of Azad Kashmir. Its approximate elevation is about 8800 feet above sea level. It’s about 30 km away from Rawalakot in Azad Kashmir and hardly a 40-50 minutes drive from the main city. Further, Banjosa Lake is one of the main attractions to Toli Peer. Many hotels and resorts are available to serve the tourists in better ways—the lush green meadows and the heaven-like scenery beautiful with the abode of clouds. In addition, one can also witness the Bagh and Poonch River from the top of Toli Peer. Camping options are available at the top. In the winter season, it is not accessible with own vehicles.

Toli peer

Toli Peer is a beautiful hilltop area in the Poonch district of Azad Kashmir, Pakistan, in the village of Rawalakot. Around 8800 feet above sea level is its approximate height. It is about 30 km away in Azad Kashmir, so a 45-minute drive. Besides Abbaspur and Bagh, the Poonch River is visible from Toli Pir.

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The tallest mountain in Rawalakot is Toli Pir, located to the northeast. Three mountain ridges originate here. On the way to Toli Pir, a tourist rest house is situated in a scenic location. An old Mazar is still standing on the hill’s highest point. The summer months are best for getting to Toli Pir. October through March is colder months, although the climate is generally pleasant. Much natural beauty in this region between April and September.

Toli Peer in Winter:

The road to the summit was paved in the past, but today, it is in bad shape. Most of the time, you can reach it by passenger car and RV, but it’s not recommended if you have an old or weak vehicle. Toli Peer Road winds its way to the summit of Toli Peak. The parts of the road descend steeply, with a maximum gradient of 18%.

Road Conditions of Tolipir:

The road condition is good and carpeted throughout the tolipeer peak. This road stretches from Abbaspur to Ban Behak and measures 33.6 kilometers (20.87 miles). It is regarded as Rawalakot most attractive feature. This picturesque mountain top location, covered with lush meadows, provides panoramic views. There are three types of ridges among the three mountain ridges that rise from the summit. Be careful on the road when it rains and doesn’t drive late at night.

Narrow way to Toli Pir AJK:

Located in Rawalakot’s north-eastern region, Toli Pir is the mountain’s highest point and the starting point for three peaks. On the way to Toli Pir, a tourist’s rest house is in a beautiful setting. On the mountain’s highest point, there are some remains of an old Mazar. So, the Summer months are the best times to visit Tol Pir; from October through March, becomes colder. From April to September, the area’s natural beauty is at its best.

The distance between Ghori Maar and Rawalakot is 30 kilometers. This place is accessible via Khaigala, a fair road. The breathtaking views of Rawalakot and Bagh under the Ghori Maar overhang make this a worthy visit. Tourists visiting AJK can stay at the accommodation facilities operated by the department. In addition to the road from Ghori Maar, there is a place called Toli Pir, which offers a calm ambiance with green meadows spreading over a wide area. There is the potential for the place to mesmerize visitors.

Places to Visit in Toli Peer:

Ganga Peak, Rawalakot, Bagh, Poonch River, Abbas Pur, Banjosa Lake. If you want to feel the lush green meadows, June to August are the best months to visit. The climate is moderate, mostly in the Winter season. Toli Peer top covers with snow. The summer season is suitable for families and children.

Toli Peer Rawalakot Height and Altitude:

Height of the Toli peer or elevation is 8800 feet from sea level.

Toli Peer Map and Location:

The other side of the Azad Kashmir consists of different regions. This place is one of the best place to visit in Azad Kashmir. Check the season before visit this place.