Things to Do in Skardu Valley

Things to Do in Skardu Valley:

In terms of tourism, Skardu is one of the best destinations in the world. There is a wealth of diversity in the landscape, and the weather is spectacular, especially during the peak tourist season. There are sky-piercing mountains and cliffs surrounding the 15-kilometer-wide by 50-kilometer-long Skardu Valley, with rivers flowing on each flank along with beautiful flora and fauna. The diversity is so unique that you can find a whole desert between the lush green valleys, lakes, waterfalls, and rivers. Each year, millions of people from Pakistan and abroad visit this beautiful place and enjoy the best time of their lives.

1. Organic Village Trek:

A walk to the Organic Village Trek begins from the main Skardu market road alongside the Polo Ground and Football Stadium. Along a mountainous path and a few wooden bridges, you must trek for almost an hour alongside the River Indus. At first glance, this trek is quite dangerous. In a few minutes, it will become easy if you focus all your attention on it. It is impossible to describe in words the view of the city and the river. Take some amazing photos of the entire valley while you stop for some photography. There are products made from 100% organic ingredients available at Organic Village.

2. Jeep Ride to Basho Valley:

Kachura is further down the road from the renowned Basho Valley, where bucolic meadows abound. There are many contrasts between this lovely, languid place and the dusty, barren Indus Valley. If you’re in need of a bit of greenery, this is the best thing near Skardu to do.

Although the road to the entrance of the Basho Valley is relatively good – having been repaved a couple of years ago – the road up the valley does not seem as good. There is lots of mud and potholes when traveling here, so make sure you have a Jeep or 4×4 with you.

The inner sanctum of the Basho Valley is idyllic. This place feels like a hidden paradise thanks to its wide pastures, isolated communities, and abundant waterfalls. The towering granite walls of the Karakoram frame all this scenery. Nearby guesthouses are available to those who want to spend the night. There is no bedding or food provided, though, so you are advised to carry your own.