Hussaini Bridge

Hussaini Suspension Bridge Hunza Pakistan:

Hussaini Suspension Bridge Pakistan. There is Passu Town in Gilgit Baltistan, in Gojal ,the area of upper front of Passu Cones (Cathedral peaks) ,over Karakorum highway. Passu is a few kilometers away from Hussaini, a small town situated on the backside of the mountains. Moreover, Welcome to Hussaini is also mention on the mountain. Its is a swaying and hanging bridge, away from the road at the distance of 300 kilometers towards the river downward. Due to the massive gaps between the planks and the wild swing, this bridge is dangerous.

Hussaini Suspension Hanging Bridge:

Hussaini bridge or Hussaini Suspension Bridge is located in Hunza, Pakistan. It is stretched out to 1km, and locals use it to connect to the village located on the other side. It is dangerous because of the massive gaps between the planks. This Hanging Bridge (635ft Long) Most Dangerous Bridges in the World Nothing about this bridge inspires confidence. With huge gaps between the wooden planks and rope, it is made of rope and wooden planks.
Hussainis Village, Upper Hunza Valley, Gilgit Pakistan.

Hussaini Bridge Length:

The most easy than Passu suspension bridge at distance of next 3 km. the planks are at long steroids and takes long time to cover 900 than 700 feet of close planked of Hanging bridge. This bridge is crossable for all kind of male and female, but Passu suspension is more challengeable for new and weak tourists. and formidable problem for mid aged women. Originally built 70 years ago, the bridge is becoming increasingly popular, according to the locals. Recently, it is the second longest pedestal suspension bridge, the first one is probably in Canada. Passu Cones seem to heaven kissing in the north. We have a wide. Hussaini Suspension Bridge built on which river. The answer is this bridge hanging on Hunza River.

Hussaini Hanging Bridge Location:

Most people ask about Where is the Bridge. In addition, One of the most significant and most dangerous hanging bridges worldwide, this bridge over the Passu River on Upper Gojal Hunza is 64 meters long and 400 steps high. Moreover, This bridge is very intense in the Center as it has its weight and the people crossing it. Normally, only seven people are allowed at once (which obviously isn’t followed). Check the climate and season before visit this place.