Swat Valley with its roaring rivers, waterfalls, streams, glacier fed lakes, pine forests, alpine meadows, snow capped peaks of Mankial and Flaksair. Moreover, fruit laden orchards, lush green fields, flower filled mountain slopes. Above all, the friendly Swati people who are famous for their hospitality.

Certainly, The Valley of Swat spread over 10,350 sq. kilometers. In addition, Saidu Sharif is the capital of Swat and its twin city Mingora is the largest and oldest market town. Madyan, Baharin, Miandam, Kalam and Malam Jabba are its main tourist spots.

What’s the Capital of Swat Valley?

The Capital of Swat Valley is Saidu Sharif, but Mingora is the biggest and developed town in Swat. Lies under the shadows of mighty green mountains. Swat Valley is destination to attain peace for the travelers. Furthermore, there are many Family, friends and honeymoon Tour Packages by Pakistan tour and travel for mesmerizing Swat Valley in affordable range to offer the travelers from all around the globe.

The peaceful and magnificent Mahudand and Saifullah lakes, mighty waterfalls of Kalam and Utror Valley and the dark beautiful Ushu Forest becomes the reason to have these destinations in list, spending special time alone for Honeymoon Couples.

By Road:

Faisal Mover & Daewoo Bus Terminal are the best means to reach Swat Valley. However, many people prefer taking a car/bike ride from Swat Valley.

By your own vehicle:

Lahore to M-2 (Motorway) to Islamabad to Swat Express Way to Mingora to Fizaghat to Swat

Below is the list of updated Holiday Tour Packages kalam Swat:

  • 3 Dasy 2 Nights Swat Honeymoon Tour Package.
  • 4 Dasy 3 Nights Swat Kalam Honeymoon Tour Package.
  • 5 Dasy 4 Nights Swat Kalam Malam Jabba Honeymoon Tour Package.
  • Swat Kalam Group Honeymoon Trip Package.
  • 8 Dasy 7 Nights Swat Hunza Honeymoon Tour Package.

How much Time it takes from Islamabad to Swat Valley?

Swat Valley Pakistan is one of the most glorious and eye-catching valleys that is commonly known as Switzerland of East. It takes almost 5 hours to reach Swat Valley if you are taking the route from Islamabad. Swat Valley Honeymoon Packages covers almost all the profuse impressive locations and stunning 56 streams and waterfalls.

What is the Weather in Swat Valley 2020?

Swat Valley 2020 Weather is gratifying throughout the year. Tourist love to visit the Switzerland of East in summer to embrace more of nature at its best. Hence, The best time to visit is from April to September, but if you are a daring soul then do visit in winters as well.

History of Swat Valley

Talking about the Swat Valley History, the district has a very strong background. From Alexander the Great to the coming of Yousafzai’s, each one of them leaves an exceptional impression in the history of Swat Valley.

Now You Can Have Your Swat Valley Tour Done Safely

Yes, Many people questions about the way they can have the best and in budget Swat Valley Tour and also their sole wish is that the Swat Valley Tour is done safely. Well, there are some many different factors which overall affects the Tourism in Swat. On top you know the different Natural Weather changes which occurs in Northern Areas of Pakistan. But, you do not need to worry, as we are your Tour Guide and will guide you throughout your way to an Awesome Trip to swat valley. Our Tour Packages includes all of the main necessities.

Swat Valley is Really a Safe place for Tourists from all over the World

Additionally, Swat Valley Tourism acquiring much of the reputation in tourist because of its “friendly environment” “thick lush green forests”, “lofty snow-clad peaks” and finally is the “brown Swati trout fish” in crystal clear water of “Swat River”. Due to some previous incident, Swat considered to be an unsafe zone of Pakistan now with the help of operations by different armed forces of Pakistan, the land is safe and secure and capturing millions of tourists to its lap.

What are the Best hotels in Swat Valley Kalam

Furthermore, there is a list of Best hotels in Kalam Swat Valley that offers luxurious amenities at reasonable rates for everyone. The best part of staying in the hotel is that you will have the view beautiful of Swat River no matter which part you are staying. Below see our Top Hotels in Beautiful Swat Valley Kalam.

  • Burj Al Swat
  • Swat Serena Hotel
  • Rock City Resort
  • Burjalswat Hotel
  • Swat Continental Hotel

What are the Reasonable/Cheap/Affordable hotels in Swat Valley

Furthermore, there is a list of Best hotels in Kalam Swat Valley that offers luxurious amenities at reasonable rates for everyone. The best part of staying in the hotel is that you will have the view beautiful of Swat River no matter which part you are staying. Below see our Top Hotels in Beautiful Swat Valley Kalam.

  • Relax Hilton Palace Hotel
  • Peace Hotel Swat
  • Hills City Hotel Swat

What is the best Restaurant in Swat for Tasty Food?

G Qurban is the best reasonable restaurant with good taste located at the fizaghat Bypass. You can see the Swat River from Restaurant. If you want to eat with full appetizer you should visit this restaurant once in your tour.

What are some of the Best Places to Visit in Swat Valley?

In Swat Valley, some of the loveable Places to Visit is Fizagat Park and Malam Jabba. The dazzling colors of spring along with the beautiful lakes make everyone spellbound. See our Best Places in Swat Valley below.

Below is the list of some of the most famous Tourist Attractions and these are:

  • Bahrain, Swat
  • Madyan, Swat
  • Fizaghat Park, Swat
  • Hindu Kush Mountain Range, Swat
  • Kalakot Village, Swat
  • Kalam Forest, Swat
  • Kandol Lake, Kalam, Swat
  • Mahodand Lake, Swat
  • Malam Jabba, Swat
  • Gabin Jabba, Swat
  • White Palace, Swat
  • Saifullah Lake, Near Mahodand Lake, Kalam, Swat
  • Shangla Top, Swat

What are some Major Tourist Attractions in Beautiful Swat Valley?

In addition, Swat Valley Major Tourist Attractions notably include Murghzar, Saidu Sharif, Barrikot, Madyan, Bahrain and most favorite one is Kalam Valley. While exploring the beauties of the valley we meet the first and foremost Malam Jabba that considered to be the only ski resort in Pakistan. Moving ahead, there is Fizaghat Park, a popular picnic point. The mouthwatering food in the most delightful atmosphere captures tourist attention.

Traveling forth to Kalam Valley that needs no introduction the cool heaven on earth with its picturesque locations. Last but not the least, Utror and Gabral is also there, encircled with snow clad mountains with lush green forest and then Kundol Lake is a worth visiting place.

Is Places To Visit In Swat Valley The Most Trending Thing Now?

There are some places you must visit in Swat Valley which are heavenly and most of the people don’t even know about these places. Trends changes and depends on many different factors like on the mood of people. But, for tourists lover the places worth seeing remains on top. Good News is that our Tour Packages includes all the Beautiful Places where you can enjoy your vacations with l0ved ones and with the friends or Family.

What are the Best Places in Winter to Visit in Swat?

For the past years, kalam of Swat Valley has become one of the best and most visited traveling destination in Northern areas of Pakistan. Craze of tourists shows that it will be visited by the millions in 2020. Pakistan tour and travel has a believe that craze of traveling in Pakistan is increasing day by day even for the winter season in Kalam Swat Valley as many tourists asked for the winter trip kalam tour packages 2020. There are many destinations offered by Pakistan Tour and Travel in Swat Valley Tour Packages as:

  • Saidu Sharif
  • White Palace Swat
  • Madyan
  • Behrain
  • Kalam Valley
  • Malam Jabba
  • Shangla Top

In Pakistan, Swat Valley tours are one of the most favourite and Cheap Pakistan Tour packages for the travelers. It has many sightseeing destinations for the nature lover to get attracted and for the honeymoon couple to enjoy have the best special trip with loved ones from our Honeymoon Packages from Pakistan in the Northern Pakistan.

Why Swat Valley is so Famous in Tourists Community?

Swat Valley was titled as the “Switzerland of Pakistan” by the Queen Elizabeth. Along with the natural and scenic beauty of Swat, it is famous for being rich in the History as once it was the center of religion for Buddhism about 2000 years ago. Hosting a number of amazing valley and sightseeing locations with the:

  • Glacial Lakes
  • Dense Pine Forests
  • Snow capped mighty green peaks
  • Fruit Orchards
  • Green Fields
  • Mighty Waterfalls
  • Roaring Marvelous rivers
  • Tortuous Streams

Things To Do In Kalam

The cool heaven on earth, the valley of Kalam offers a pack full of activity and adventurethat brings more excitement to the trip.

Here we have composed a list of things to do in Kalam, have a look.

  • Trekking in the deep forest of Usho.
  • Witnessing the huge glacial of Matiltan
  • Rafting on Kundol lake
  • Exploring the miracles in Gabral dense forest
  • Fishing at Mahudand Lake
  • Witnessing the starry night while in the camp at Utror.

Route to Kalam Valley from Lahore Islamabad

There is mainly one route for Kalam Valley. Additionally, it remains open throughout the year besides for the heavy snowfall in end of winters. Have a look.

Islamabad – Kalam Route

  • Firstly, It takes 5 hrs to reach Mingora Swat and almost 247kmst.
  • Moving forward, its the Mingora- Kalam Route that is 98 km and takes approximately 7 to 8 hr. While depending on road condition.

Jeeps Fare from Swat to Malam Jabba

You can hire a One large local hiace with capacity of 10-12 people in Rs.6000-6500 depends on your bargaining. Jeeps fare from Swat to Malam Jabba Ski Resort is Rs.4000-4500

Jeeps Fare from Kalam to Mahudand Lake

Old shape prado or Jeep rate fare is Rs.4000-5000 from Kalam to Mahudand Lake. 6-7 people can easily adjust in this prado type Jeep.

Jeeps Fare from Kalam to Kumrat Valley

If you want to visit Kumrat Valley from Kalam Valley then One Jeep will charge you 10000-12000 round trip with one night stay in Kumrat Valley.

Best Family Tour Trip Packages of Swat from all over the Pakistan Especially from Karachi, Lahore and Islamabad

Nature Adventure Club offers an extensive series of Group Tour Packages in Pakistan, which also include Honeymoon Packages from Pakistan. Moreover, Kashmir Tour Packages from Karachi gains more interest in Tourism Industry.

Providing Very Reasonable Pakistan Tour Packages Price 2021

Additionally, Pakistan Tour Packages Price 2021 differ in itinerary or hotel selection or the number of days. But each tour plan covers all the major and minor region of Swat. Plan you adventurous tour now to Swat valley and have an unforgettable experience of a lifetime.

For the amazing year 2020, Swat valley is getting on the top of list in Northern areas of Pakistan for the Best Honeymoon packages from Pakistan. The Majestic natural destination in Swat Valley of Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa Pakistan, Kalam valley is amongst the best traveling sight in Swat Valley.

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