Soon Valley Khushab:

This valley situated at a elevation of 5,010 feet above from the sea level. Moreover, Sakesar is the highest mountain in the Salt Range looms over Uchali Lake. It is the one and only mountain in the region of Punjab which receives snow spell in winter seasons. PAF selected it in the late-50s as the site for a high powered radar in view of Sakesar ideal location and height. Which would provides air defense coverage for the north-eastern part of the Pakistan. You may directly go to Kanheti Garden in the morning, it’s beautiful and relaxing place. There are few springs you can visit after that, such as, Chasma Daip Sharif, and spend the evening at Khabeki Lake (this is must place to visit).

Soon Valley Directions / Location:

Valley is located in the north west of District Khushab, Punjab. This Valley originates from Padrar village and ends at Sakesar, the highest peak of Salt Range. The dimension of Soon Valley is 56 km in length and average 14 km in width. This Valley is heavenly piece all over the year, especially when the abode of monsoon clouds enters the valley and a cool tugs of air blowing down Sakesar to attract wandering tourists.

How to Reach Soon Valley

Leave motorway at Kalar Kahar and 1 and half hour drive to Noshrhra soon valley, and 25 km from Noshrhra to Uchali Lake.

  1. Leave motorway at Lillag interchange and drive 38 km towards Katha saghral a small village type town, and then Tak right turn and drive at least 1 and half hour towards Noshrhra and ownward.

More over the sign board will guide you properly, so don’t worry.

There is not a single location, there are two other lakes, Jahlar and Khabeki and more over royal garden named as Kannati.

Places to Visit in Soon Valley Pakistan:

Uchali Lake, Kanhati Garden, Khabeki lake, Deip Sharif

Soon Valley Hotels:

Hotels are available and TDCP resort also available on khabiki lake time aprox 3 to 4 hours

Soon Valley Road Condition:

Carpeted Road throughout the journey.

Uchali lake Khushab Soon Valley

Uchali Lake is the most visited tourist place in the whole valley. This lake is came into being due to the absence of drainage in the range. Uchali Lake lives in the lap of Sakaser, the highest mountain in the Salt Range at 1,522 meters (4,993 ft). Due to its saline crystal clear water that is not suitable for living things, but offers picturesque scenery. The water of Lake Uchali is brackish and saline in nature and taking a bath in such water is not healthy, but the people who have certain skin conditions may recover. Boats are also available for boating. Uchali Lake attracts hundreds of migratory birds each year and is ideal haven for the nature lover.

Uchali lake weather and Temperature:

The climate of the Uchali Lake is mostly dry with hot summer season and cold in winter season. In spring or autumn season its temperature is moderate and best time to visit Uchali Lake.

Uchali lake directions Map Location:

While visiting from Lahore, exit from Kalar Kahar interchange, then take the Lake Road, it takes you to Kanhatti Garden (and it’s waterfall) first through a diversion from main road, a drive of roughly 15-20 minutes when u exit from the main road and drive on the road towards Kanhatti. After visiting Kanhatti, when you’re back on the main road, it’s only 10-15 minutes further drive to Khabeki lake. Khabeki Lake is only few hundred meters away from the road and visible from the road. Uchali lake is another lake on the same path further but it is quite far from Khabeki. Plus the lake condition right now and the views are not good. Development is in progress on Uchali lake, maybe it will be ready to visit in the next season. I visited both these lakes, Kanhatti Garden and Swaik lake just two weeks back. I had a stay at Escape hotel right on the bank of Kalar Kahar lake. From there it took me one hour total of car drive + jeep + walk to reach the lake. Good spot when visiting with friends but not recommended with family.

Khabeki Lake Khushab Soon Valley

Khabeki lake weather and Temperature

The best time to visit Khabeki lake is pleasant in End of summer or star of winter season. In summer season weather is too hot and not good for families and children that not recommended to visit. September October November are the best month to visit it.

Kanhatti Garden Soon Valley Khushab

Kanhatti Garden directions Map Location

The Kanhatti Garden, located in Soon Valley of District Khushab. You can visit from Islamabad (Balkasar Interchange) via Motorway M-2. From Lahore side you will have to use Motorway M-2 and exit from Kallar Kahar Interchange then Sargodha, Khushab and Mianwali. The distance from Islamabad is about 290 km and from Lahore is 300 km and from Sargodha is about 120 km. The road totally carpeted so this place easily accessible in any season. Check the climate and season before visit this place.

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