Mahodand Lake:

Mahodand lake is one of the beautiful lake of Pakistan. It is located at the elevation of approximately 3,000m (9,400ft) above the sea level. This splendid lake attracts many tourists every year due to its crystal clear water. The lake situated at the foot hills of Hindukush Mountains. The road to the lake is very bumpy and not in good condition due to snowfall. Only 4×4 Jeeps can go through which are easily available in Kalam Valley. Mahodand lake is not accessible in Winter.

Mahodand Lake Height:

Distance from Kalam to Mahudand lake is round about 35 km. The jeep’s fare from Kalam to Mahodand Lake is range between Rs.4000 to Rs.6000 depends on your bargaining. The morning time is the Best time to travel for Mahodand Lake. You can Spend whole day for Lake. Take some short stay on the way to Lake. You can also see the Falak Sar Peak which is the highest peak of Kalam Valley at Matalitan Point. In addition, also stay at Ushu Forest for a while. Many restaurants are available at Mahudand Lake even camping options are also available there.

Mahodand Lake Camping:

Adventure lovers and lovers of the great outdoors are said to find it a paradise. Its scenic views and lush greenery attract tourists from all over the country. Hotels and buildings are not found in the area due to its remote location. Residents from around the valley have upgraded the infrastructure to accommodate tourists by installing tents and camps. There are also horseback riding and boating options in the area.

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