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Must Viist places in Murree

Places to Visit in Murree

Best Tourists Beautiful Places to Visit in Murree It is one of Pakistan’s most popular and important summer famous places. It’s a...

Quaid Residency

Ziarat Quetta

Ziarat Quetta Balochistan: Ziarat is the most beautiful valley of Baluchistan. Road condition is absolutely fine, you can reach Quetta from Karachi...

panjpeer rocks

Panjpeer Rocks

Panjpeer Rocks: Panjpeer Rocks is an amazing rock formation stretching over a large area. The rocks are located in the Kahuta district. The place is...

Moola Chotok Waterfalls

Moola Chotok Waterfalls

Moola Chotok Khuzdar Balochistan A beautiful village called Moola is located more than 80 km from Khuzdar. It is situated in Tehsil Khuzdar. As the...

Water rafting in Pakistan

River Rafting in Pakistan2

River Rafting in Pakistan | Naran | Hunza | Swat: It is safe, enjoyable, and breathtaking to take a rafting tour. Moreover, It is the experience that...

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